Thursday, January 12, 2012

Socialist manifesto outline

When reading this post, consider the principles of freedom, if you know them, consider that governments were instituted among men to protect LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY and that it was bound by the constitution to "limited and specific powers."

When you read the outline, ask yourself if these principles apply in America today and how we have come to accept some form of totalitarianism as freedom, when the below are in complete diametric opposition to both the constitution, Our Bill of Rights and the origin of common law in scriptures as we sing the Star spangled banner and put our hand over our hearts reciting the pledge of Allegiance!

Socialist Manifesto outline:

 A) Promise Hope 1) Empower Main Stream Media to misdirect facts into plausible deniability for a fictional reality.
2) Deny responsibility for anything negative in the current administration.
3) Deny any coincidence of flood, drought, storms, or pestilence, of biblical reference.

B) Promise Change 1) Produce drones with disinformation to further enslave the masses.
2) Cause further dependency.
3) Spread hate and fear to entice insurgency.
4) Empower appointed Czars to misdirect management into more funding for this administration leadership re-election.

C) Promise Transparency 1) Deny responsibility for anything negative.
2) Claim credit for everything short of the truth.
3) Emphasize strong management skills even when its obvious that none were applied.
4) Enable Marshal Law and stop the 2012 removal of their sympathetic Muslim Brotherhood candidate.

(Outline found on Facebook under Ed Schoettle)
Thanks Ed!

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