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Funny thing happened on the way home from a basketball game

If any of you have read my previous posts or you know what Iv'e been up to lately, you will know from my bout with the school attorney stating I committed a crime by challenging the authority of the school board,  It struck enough fear in me with my knowledge of history and law to pursue my latest mission to to find out "What the rules are" What is the rule of law and what form of government  we have today in our town, our state and nationally and no one can seem to answer this simple question.

In my travels of speaking to Lieutenants and chiefs of the ISP and police departments, the county sheriffs and a wide variety of law enforcement officers my question is simply, if we are not a constitutional republic, what are we? If they take an oath, what do they take an oath to? If an oath is taken , isn't it important, why?

If they take an oath to the constitution, what if they do not adhere to it?

If we as "The people" established government to protect our rights and the power was inherent in the people and not our government, and the only document that protects us from government oppression is our rule of law that they swore to uphold, what happened?

Can they change the rules on us arbitrarily? If we are ignorant and apathetic rather than "eternally vigilent" that they can, without any authority I might add, but yes they can.

I had just finished forcefully paying 10.00 again to watch another of my sons games and on the way out I saw, not one officer, but three from the Sheriff's office. When asked why they were here, they replied that they were board...Really, so our hard earned tax dollars pay for sheriffs to be on duty to watch games when they are board?

I stopped one of them and gave him my card and told him I wanted to meet him because I was running for state legislature in this district. When he looked at the card,  he didn't really seem to interested and quite put off when I asked him if he could tell me what the rules are. When asked he told me that was up to the legislature, I said, hmm,. I think that would be up to the sheriff and law enforcement as enforcers of the law, wouldn't it?

If I ask him what the rules are and he tells me it is up to the legislature, shall I will assume he either didn't know or didnt want to answer me? Do you suppose if I did something illegal he would know and arrest me for it? I'm pretty sure he would. If he would then he must know the law because would think that what I had done would have been illegal. I mean they should know the law if they are the enforcers of it, shouldn't they and is the law they know a secret?

If our law enforcement was established to protect our rights as servants of the people, not to dictate those rights, then if were asked him something about law, shouldn't they be required to answer it?

If he failed to answer it and I had done something illegal without knowing it, and he arrested me would it have been fair, to pay his salary and retirement for life, while arresting me for a law I didnt know made something illegal?

At this point, they typically say "ignorance is no excuse of the law!" at which point I ask, if the power is inherent in the people  or the government and are you a servant of the people established  to protect the rights and supposed to know the law, would this phrase also apply to you as well?"

It should allow me to ask if they know their oath, where it originated and where the "ignorance" phrase also originated, or ask them, are you familiar with title 50 USC, for example and if they didn't know, shouldn't they? I mean governements originally really had no more power than what we could do to eachother, so could they or are they to have more power over the people than they do of themselves?

To get back on track, when I asked him if he knew who I was, he said clearly, he knew who I was and at that point had no interest in  any further communication.

How did he know who I was? How does every law enforcement officer at this school  in this town know who I am ? Why would they treat me this way, unwilling to chat, smile, and act as though they have a million other things to do when they came to the game because they were board? Was it something I said? Is it a crime to challenge authority?

Why do we pay for an entity to protect our rights when they watch over us like were criminals?
When I told him if we would give up our freedom for security, we deserve neither and both would be destroyed, he disagreed and I said you can't disagree with history, that quote came from one of our Founding fathers.

If one us disobeys the law,  it is considered crime, does that apply to everyone? Better yet, who is more of a criminal  one that didnt know they broke the law or one that did? Is there a difference if ignorance is no excuse? Can this apply only to the people, without also equally appying it to law enforment and every government agency?

The bottom line is this, we have a serious problem and it isn' necessarily the fault of our law enforcement, As a matter of fact I support them 100 % because of the detriment of nationalization  if we don't, that ushers in the usurpation of state powers in exchange for the police state under federal power, which will be the last nail in the freedom in any state or the union!

Our law enforcement put their lives on the line for us every day and we should be happy there are men that will do so and we need to honor them for it, I do. The problem is that they have all been successfully conditioned and educated something other that what was intended,  same with our military and it is our duty, that love them, respect them and honor them to re-educate them on what they are missing without beating them on the head when they will take the time to listen.

MYTH: Law enforcment is to protect the interest of the state
MYTH: It is constitutional to have long standing armies and be the worlds police
MYTH: Security is freedom

The bottom line is this, if you ask any officer they will tell you, they protect the interest of the state rather than the people. They are not taught the foundation of law, the origin of law, the jurisdiction of law, the value, purpose and significance of the Constitution and have no idea why the Bill of Rights was written or the purpose of it, if they knew, they would be horrified at how opposite their job is from its original intent.

This post. like all of them are written is a public clarification as to the events that occur in my quest to bring us back to the rule of law that we think is in place, to re-educate those whom are willing to listen  and to state publically, since I am getting so well known (good or bad, Im not so sure), that I have absolutley no intention to harm anyone, to break any laws, as long as I know what they are, or to disrespect the postion of authority. My question is simply and passionately and it will continue to be until I get the answer I believe the people have the right to know, to answer the following questions:

Who has the inherent power, the people or the government?

What form of government do we have?

What are the rules that we must play by in order to not break any laws?

Are these laws written or arbitrary or both?

Can you define and state what is needed in order for one to commit a "crime?"

Which law is supreme, school rule, the city ordinance, the state statute, the state constitution or the US Constitution?

What happens when one or several contradict eachother? Is there  a particular hierachical order?
and so on...

Can you answer them?

If you cannot, you may just be a criminal waiting to be caught for a crime you didn't teven know you commited...

If you are law enforcment and cannot answer these questions, "Is ignorance no excuse" and have you just broken the law as well as your oath to the people?

As I handed out my cards, I asked them to read my article coming out in the Middleton Gazette to better understand the method of my madness and not to pass false judgement on my character.

 I prayed silently that a seed be planted, that they would come to my site and consider what I am saying to be the truth and to know I mean no harm to anyone and that I too, am an enforcer of the law not one one whom cares to violate it.

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