Wednesday, January 18, 2012


January 18, 2012

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would first like to begin by stating; I accept and honor your Oaths of Office, thank you for your service in honor of our State and our Country.

By means of introduction, my name is Tom Munds. In the past few years I have studied a great deal with regards to constitutional law, Biblical and common law, our nation’s history, philosophy, economics, the rise and fall of nations and attention to current events and fear the path we are taking. It is through my education and fear as a result, where I have developed a passion for attempting to challenge, inform and educate, no disrespect intended, those whom are willing to communicate on what and why things are happening and what solutions are available.

 It was this fear and passion that gave me the desire to open communication with our Executive Branch in Idaho and meeting with many of you was an honest, respectful attempt to bridge what appeared to me as a dangerous communication gap between patriot groups and law enforcement that seemed to be a divisive attempt to create animosity between one group and the other. The intent of this letter is specifically intended to create continuity to alleviate any further misunderstandings and negativity with regards to those God fearing, law abiding citizens, patriot groups and our military families that have sacrificed themselves and families so that we may preserve our freedom in this state and our country.

It has been several weeks since I have had the pleasure of meeting several of you, to introduce myself as well as to share some of my concerns with regards to where we are headed both locally as a State and as a Nation. I hope to have a chance to meet with the rest of you as time allows.

To recap the issues of concern that were hopefully communicated in my meeting with several of you, they related, specifically to the proper role of government, law enforcement, the misunderstanding, dangers and reliance of the information related to the SPLC ( Southern poverty law center) and the imposed target on good, law abiding American people, who have been defined as “domestic terrorists” by the SPLC and accepted as truth by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), and the latest bills in congress that should instill fear in anyone. Although we cannot control the intent of everyone for there are a few in every gathering, of whose intent we disagree, these implications for the majority of us are, for the most part, without merit and unjustified.

Why is this letter important? My belief is this: (and can be relatively substantiated with news articles, quotes and statements made by government officials)

Governments, at all levels, in general, have no understanding of the proper role of government, either because they weren’t taught it, they didn’t think it was important, perhaps blatantly didn’t care or it has cleverly been changed without the knowledge of the people.

For example, Law enforcement’s role TODAY is to protect the interests of THE STATE, to preemptively and continually restrict the rights of the people “in the name of safety” no longer to guarantee or protect the people’s rights and Freedom as was originally intended.

Today, The rights of the people are replaced with arbitrary and unbridled preemptive measures both locally and nationally “ in the name of safety” which then has no limits and extends this authority to all government agencies, in many cases without legislative approval and the people have no way of proper redress.

The Federal government also has usurped its power and also now dictates the rights of the people and the states where it has no authority other than because we have accepted funding (Feds outside Constitutional limitations) that allows them to use the funding as a means of control, undermining our state sovereignty and integrity or all three branches of local and National government.

The Federal government through the information given to it and relied upon by the SPLC, The Southern Poverty Law Center, is using the same “fear tactics” to instill fear in our local law enforcement, by redefining and assassinating the character of those God fearing, Law abiding citizens, making our law enforcement think that the best preemptive measure against us “in the name of security” is the need to nationalize the police force which completely undermines our sovereignty of the state, the Posse Comitatus act of 1847and has allowed the training of paramilitary operations and use of the military against its own people, if needed, which recent bills in congress build confirm.

These measures are used to diminish and eventually eliminate the power of our local law enforcement and absolutely contradictory not only to the establishment of law enforcement but also to the intent of it on those who love this country whom are now called “domestic terrorists” those who know our history, were in the military, those who are prolife, pro-gun, pro-constitution, pro-God and pro-state sovereignty, and support our local law enforcement to protect us from such encroachments!

Although there are always a few that undermine the intent of the well-intended majority, we have no control over them. I stand in support of “We the people” that understand the proper role of the family, government and law enforcement, we accept it, we agree with it and we uphold it. We are pro-freedom and we understand the failure to take personal responsibility for our actions, by default, ends with the loss of freedom! How can people in support of freedom be subversive to good government that would result in direct opposition to the goal we are trying to preserve?

 I was not nominated as a spokesman by any group and have no power of authority or influence over them but out of the sense of urgency and understanding felt it was important to send this letter. As a member of just about every patriot group in the Treasure Valley, I have the means of communication and would like to extend an invitation to any or all of you to open dialogue with myself or perhaps with as many of the local groups as you wish to hear and from and speak to clarify any and all misunderstandings of who we are so that you may know, we stand in support of the proper role of local law enforcement not against it.

I appreciate the time several of you have taken to speak with me in your busy schedules, as for those whom I have not met; I hope we can meet in the future.

So that you may get a better understanding of the intent of this letter and the determination and passion I possess, I have decided to run  on this platform for the Idaho state legislature in my District, which apparently, to date is District 9 but may be subject to change pending outcome of legal issues pertaining to the redistricting process. Also, for more information about me please visit my website at  or feel free to contact me at the number below.

IN the name of freedom, liberty and justice for all, so help me God, I will support and defend “we the People” and this constitution for the united States of America.

Grace and mercy be upon you.
With all Humility and due respect,

Tom Munds
2012 candidate for representative for District 9 for the Idaho State Legislature
PO Box 851
Middleton, Idaho 83607

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