Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A day at the Idaho crimminal justice meeting 1 27 2012

Friday morning, began with a guy that after reading a particular book, believes that things, in the criminal field are getting better, I wish I could see what he sees.

 Following up with this statement he shared his concerns about the Feds watching over the police departments, the rising crime in Seattle, Portland and Spokane and attributed the reasons to be due to politics, funding with no oversight, the militarization of police, improper training and of course, video. Police in several states are even wearing video cameras on their bodies to keep them accountable.

 What they were saying here peaked my interest and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because I wondered if they saw these things that are so clear to me.

 Later in the meeting they were seeking funding for the treatment of juveniles and wanted more counties to participate.

 They communicated about new Dept. of Correction programs including gang assessment tools, 5 1/2 month rehab at tax payer expense and how beneficial it will be ( at whos expense?)

 Other topics were:

 Being out of compliance with SORNA.

 The need to re-categorize offenses into different tiers pending advise from psychologists using Dr. Bumby’s graph.

 Giving judges more options on how to become problem solving courts rather than just judge the law

 Officers completed misdemeanor probation academy

 Making offenders pay for their own testing.

 That according to 19-2608 they have the right to perform bodily fluid testing on individuals ( SJR102?)

 A power point presentation was next with Health and welfare talking about fraud and how to prevent it.

 He stated they have 580 staff, a 40% INCREASE over last year; they have 235,000 recipients and attribute growth to education? And is 100% FEDERALLY FUNDED.

 They say that anyone can use these welfare cards because there is no ID required but feel it is an invasion of privacy to ask?

 (Where does the authority come from for the state to accept federal money for living outside its budget?)

 A woman and the US marshal and US Attorney spoke about human trafficking, stated the buyer is the problem and that restitution should be considered.

 They stated under 18 USC 2423a, 2422B, and 1591, and 1595, they are justified in determining who the traffickers are, but said that their right to control is determining when illegal sex activities happens. (How can they know this when people are traveling unless they have seen people in the act? Is this another form of arbitrary control and up to the discretion of the FEDS? Seriously?)

 They stated how important it was for the FEDS to help with this problem in our state, under the UN protocol.

They also mentioned that since we have a constitution they use the “commerce clause” to gain the control necessary to combat this problem. ( this is ridiculous! I do not believe that the commerce clause was intended to have the federal government encroach on the states to find sex traffickers. If the constitution was written for a moral and religious people, can the constitution really still apply?)

 The stated the need to raise fines will help contain the issue.

 They initiated Project safe childhood which, no doubt they feel is a good thing but something tells me this is one more instance where the rights of good honest Americans will be violated again in the name of safety.

 With the aforementioned, There is no part of me that believes that this group has any intention on harming or restricting the rights of people, they in great part seem to be genuine people and passionate about their jobs and treated me very well.

 The problem is that every part our government is re-active instead of proactive!(not to be confused with preemptive.) and creates , in itself, the need to rule and control as an outcome of what it teaches!

  Today's attempts to create a better society are bandages and only address the symptoms of a much larger problem that people refuse to address, which is simple if people would just look.

 This system we have created is set up to fail. The origin of the problem is where the solution lays.

 Today, we praise our tolerance, diversity and equality. When we removed God from the school house, we taught our children to look to the government for all of their needs instead, that they are all entitled to believe how they want to and that everyone was on an equal footing.

 We teach our children, evolution, that they are an insignificant random chemical accident and therefore their life is of no value, they are taught that they cannot be held accountable or be responsible for the things they do because they are no better than animals which results in the need for more law enforcement to contain the multitudes of people doing what they feel is right as they were taught in taxpayer funded public schools.

 These issues are  self-perpetuating- increasing lawlessness, recidivism and retention rates as well as increasing the tax rates are other taxable efforts to bleed the wealth of the nation dry also resulting in the people’sreliance of government that when it fails people again in voicing their opinions are dependent on the need for law enforcement and the vicious circle continues, without a pro-active solution in sight.

 Once upon a time we taught to be proud, we shared what is referred to as “American exceptionalism” where we were united in our belief that our inalienable rights came from God and that governments instituted among men were to protect those rights not to dictate them.

 We believed that we were all fearfully and wonderfully made and put on this Earth for a specific purpose and that each one of us had a significant role to play, to live within the law, to take personal responsibility for our own actions, to be honest, to maintain integrity and to honor those establishments crucial to the prosperity of a nation, seem like America to you today?

 IN the governments self-created chaotic environment, it also creates the need to control the unrest it creates, the people must, without authority, subject themselves to the restriction of our rights that has always lead to tyrannical and despotic governments, where governments instead of protecting the rights of the people, now dictate them, then people begin to fight back.

 When governments have control over the people, they rule over the people. When all the power is inherent in governments, as history dictates, over time governments then kill the people that created government to protect their rights, and are known as tyrants.

 Our society is like all others before in history. Our present course is set up to fail due to our ignorance of law and the misplaced power of authority. The end result of a failed society is chaos, mass genocide and return to bondage.

 It is my duty as a father of four sons and a candidate for representative in the state legislature of my district of children and parents, to protect their future from tyrants.

 With all due respect, if law enforcement really cares about what they do, to protect the people and to maintain a civil society one must know the origin of the problem, the warning signs written in history or all the well-intended attempts to maintain this society they will fail and our nation and government will fall like all those whom have fallen before us.

 Does a man have the right to fight for his individual freedom and the liberty of his state and nation without suffering the consequences of someone that doesn’t even understand the rule of law, that was put in place to protect their rights?

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