Thursday, December 22, 2011

Letter to the editor Beacon of hope of nation of ironies

This article took some time to write due to the contraversial nature of it, fact I am running for the state legislature and wasn't sure if people would understand the intent of it. After much prayer and thought, I decided to write the article because I believe that people still need to become educated as quickly as posible before all chances of restoration are gone.

 This is my attempt to reach out to just one, to educate just one or to let just one know I understand what it takes, to stand when no one else will , that I am not just another politician but one that understands his oath that will do what needs to be done without coersive financing in support of a collective entity to diminish  the value and power of one individual, if we are all create equal and our rule of law guarantees this, then diminishing the power of one in support of the many would be a derelection of my oath.

The letter to the editor is below:

Would I get your attention if I suggested the abolition of the US constitution while running for the Idaho state legislature? Would reading this article ruin the chance to win the election, will you read it in its entirety?

Why adhere to history we abandoned decades ago and perform traditions that few even know the meaning and purpose?

We are a new AmeriKa, not the beacon of hope to all nations, but now a nation of ironies and contradictions, Are we one nation under God or one nation on dope?

Is our country today what our Founding fathers wanted?

Our Founding Fathers believed power was inherent in the people that established government to protect our God given inalienable rights of LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY, that the constitution was written to limit government and the Bill of Rights were Rights that no branch of government could interpret or dictate.

Today, does government have the power over the people? Is the supreme court to be the final arbiter of man’s rights abandoning the checks and balances of the other two?

Instead of one tyrant king of England, three tyrant kings instead where the power remains in all three branches instead of in the people?

Instead of the peoples creation of government to protect life, we fund the destruction of it instead? Instead of government protecting our rights, they interpret and restrict our rights now with pre-emptive law all “in the name of safety?” Does government now destroy our economy by sending jobs overseas due to the environmental regulations and taxes? Does government to remove us from our homes, for failure or inability to pay taxes because we can’t find jobs in an economy that we have created through our own ignorance and apathy?

We deny our foundations in the name of tolerance, We pledge allegiance and don’t know why, We speak of freedom and trade it for security, we say we love our children and kill them as a choice, teach them they weren’t created or special and significant but a random chemical accident and they can, in fact, spend their way to prosperity, we lock them down in school and put them under surveillance stating it’s for their protection, when essentially they are jailed instead? If this is their future in progress what message does that send to our children, and we the parents allow this to happen?

We say we love our military but allow the government to label them as domestic terrorists, do we honor the sacrifices for freedom when we trade them for security? We elect our officials today not on their ability and knowledge or our knowledge of them but on outward appearance and are more comfortable words like security than we are of freedom. Will this article resonate with readers enough to believe the  properly understood constitution is not the problem, it is the ignorance of it?

The power is in inherent in the people and is why I am running for legislature.

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