Friday, February 3, 2012

BOISE SMOKIN BAN information

Greetings concerned citizens,

Special thanks to 580 KIDO radio's Kevin Miller and Austin Hill for covering this issue and trusting me in the public exposure of government corruption at all levels. I appreciate them very much.

Several months ago, our Boise mayor and his council decided, by executive decree, to intervene in private businesses imposing a smoking ban ordinance. Whats next? Will they control what we do in our homes, in our cars, because that's what's either here on on its way!

In the first hearing I was there with my video camera ( video on "Video" tab on my website) and with my line of questioning, called out Councilman Alan Shealy when he stated that "The constitutional BS!?"  I couldnt believe what I had heard and no one seemed outraged, why? Maybe some will now understand.

Anyway, several years before and onward through that hearing, I  began watching and have continued involvement in boldly fighting for the rights of the citizens of Boise and our state, which is also why I an running for state legislature and hope people will see that I will not allow the rights of others to be violated if I can help it!

This information below is is to direct you to a defense fund we have created to pay for legal fees to fight against our mayor and council and to prevent further usurpation of government in all areas.

 It is my desire, but not required, to speak with you, to get to know you as I get your thoughts on the governments intervention before you send any money.

If you have concerns, please call me:
Tom Munds 208-861-6405

or email me:

The Boise legal defense fund for the smoking ban is:

P.O Box 190031
Boise, Idaho 83719

I am interested in hearing stories from not just bar and restaurant owners but people that frequent these restaurants. As I understand it, the Boise Police have began Nazi style sweeps to make sure people are not breaking the law with regards to the ordinance which is really no law at all because they simply don't have the authority!

If you have information regarding such stories, I need to hear from you to stop this madness!

In the name of Freedom and liberty for all,

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