Sunday, February 5, 2012

Letter in response to cease and desist from school attorney

Dear School attorney,

 This is my first interaction with a law firm in 49 years. In this length of time I have heard much about how dishonorable they operate, how they really do not care to represent people or entities properly but only how to stretch issues as long as they can to maximize their return by being as disruptive as possible to all they involve in their games of “pretend Justice.”

 As you can see, I am not someone that scares easily and does not respond well to threats. I feel I must now take you to task for disrupting my life and for your failure not only to properly represent the school but you’re by refusal to answer my questions in fear that I am right.

 Let us recap, I went to exercise my first amendment right at a school district meeting, I was honest and straightforward and it embarrassed the board which is why they called you. You then sent me a letter telling me I committed a crime, which is ridiculous for challenging the school board on issues that concerned me. I then sent you a letter and asked you to support your position with several more questions I wanted answers to and you refused to call me back! I left messages, sent letters and you purposely ignored me when you could have addressed the issue yourself, saving the unnecessary calls to your office after my first call to you. You could have also stated  I was not worthy to contact you in your first letter to me and  could  have also saved your staff the trouble of having to answer  my calls.

The latest, I just received on February 4th, you write another letter to threaten me and support your position with weak laws that are unconstitutional on their face instead of answering the questions I asked? Why not have just answered my questions in the fist place?

 I made closer to eight calls, not 20 (are you exaggerating!) to your office and was no more rude or frustrated that anyone else that would call and out of complete disrespect, you fail to return their call. Do you think you can send me a letter telling me I committed a crime and spinelessly not have to be challenged on your position then have me bow to you demands at your failure to answer my questions?

 I am a law abiding man of Honor and of Truth and will not back down from anyone. I will hold anyone accountable for divisive and unwarranted behavior even if it is someone with a title of nobility which apparently is undeserved.

 I find your use of ambiguous terms disrespectful and dishonorable for a man of your education. If you are truly detail oriented, perhaps I can suggest that you first get your facts straight. Your use of “Probably” or “something like” is very unprofessional and unbecoming of a man of such an elevated title as yourself.

 At this point in time, I have given you the chance to straighten out this issue between myself and the school board and feel you are totally unwilling.

 I will accept your first letter charging me of a crime as null and void due to your failure to answer my questions and will go on with business as usual, I have respectfully denied my attendance at several meetings hoping for a remedy that has never come.

 It has been a pleasure to learn more about your profession and how pathetic it really is, how dishonorable you operate and threatening you can be in attempts to scare people into submission.

Thank you Mr. attorney for allowing me to realize that a tile of nobility is after all just a title and carries with it nothing of any substance.

 Very truly yours,

 Thomas A. Munds

 By the way, your “client” was paid for, without authorization with OUR TAX DOLLARS, as a protective and controlling mechanism to prevent being held accountable by the people that pay their salary. In essence, at our expense, WE hire you to sue and harass us. Does this compute to you, is this what is right, honorable and desirable in the most free country in the free world? I think not.

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