Monday, February 27, 2012

Thoughts on the second amendment- A letter to a constituent

I was asked today to share some of my views on the second amendment. As I have listened to the news the past few years it has become clear to me our elected oficials have no idea what the principles of freedom are, how the constitution applies to preseve the freedom of the people or even why the Declaration and Bill of Rights were written. Here is the question and my reply to my thought on the second amendment!

Q: Any chance you could send me links to specific areas that pertain to 2A rights and that sort of thing? 

A: Dear constituent,

With regards to 2A rights, it’s simple but probably not written on my site (until now)specifically due to the fact that if I were to write with regards to specific clauses no one would take the time to read because it would take so long so to make my point, I will speak in quick, to the point constitutional generalities like this…

 1. God created the Inalienable Rights of man

2. Man created government with three branches and checks and balances to protect those rights not to dictate them.

3. Man, through their apathy and ignorance have allowed the government to take the control without authority

4. Government now thinks it has the power to control its people and does until the people take it back.

 5. The constitution was written to limit government, to control it and its purpose is to legislate its function not the people!

 6. The Bill of Rights as all Bills of Rights were declarations that told the government these were areas that it had no jurisdiction over. They could not interpret them, restrict them or control them!

 7. The Declaration of Independence was written to free the people from the bondage and tyranny of the king and free us from the written law.

 To be clear, the 2A you speak of is to be completely out of the hands of the government because it is our ONLY insurance policy against government tyranny!  

In other words, constitutionally, if you haven’t committed murder, gun toters are welcome anywhere including tax payer funded schools and government buildings, not to mention the fact that the federal government has no jurisdiction over where we carry them and where we do not !

 Isn’t it time someone called a spade a spade without all the BS that ultimately ends up in further restriction of our Rights?

 If you agree please send my information forward, I need all the help I can get, if you do not, please consider letting me know why.

I welcome any comments anyone may have and please feel free to have anyone call or email me with their concerns.

Thank you,

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