Sunday, February 5, 2012

Letter from school cease and desist

After my final letter of notice and demand that went to various government entities, I finally recieved a letter from the school attorney, not because he was adhering to my request but because after repeated attempts to contact him by phone and hisrefusal to answer my letter, it was a latter to me to cease and desist my harrassment, Serioulsy?Anyway, here is his letter to me dated January 31,2012.

Dear Mr. Munds,

Today you left a message with my receptionaist that you were going to sue me if I didn't talk to you on the phone. This is PROBABLY the 20th harrassing phone call you have made to my office. You have been rude, threatening and inappropriate with my staff.

I am writing this letter to demand that you cease and desist contacting my law firm of me from this point forward. I do not represent you. I represented, for a limited purpose, the --- school district. I  Have not been authorized to charge my client for speaking with you  and I consider my initial communication with youto be the first and last communication with you.

Idaho law prohibits the use of telephone to threaten and harass. The Federal Communications Act also prohibits telephone harrassment. If I receive one more call from you I will refer the matter to federal and state law enforcement officials for prosecution. If you personally appear at my office, I will request you be cited for trespass.

Very Truly Yours,

 School attorney

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