Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why does mainstream media not cover stories like this?

Are people more interested in Brittany Spears and the new camaro to understand the issues or is the mainstream media keeping us in the dark like mushrooms?
Below are the articles around the country for just today!!!

News just for March 18. Do you still believe the mainstream media is looking out for the listeners?

Lose Your Property for Growing Food?

The Future of Food – HOLLY NOTE: We posted this video a year ago and if you missed it, after reading the Story of the Day, this is mandatory viewing. I only post this kind of comment about once a year. Monsanto is a life-sucking, creeping cancer.

Myths and Facts: HR 875 - The Food Safety Modernization Act

Response to "Myths and Facts H.R. 875 – The Food Safety Modernization Act"

Lines Grow at Food Bank

Government Launches Bid to Allay Fears Over GM Food

Fact File on GM Crops

US Rural Economy Holds Fast in Recession

Commerce Pick Tied to China Cash

ACORN to Play Role in 2010 Census

More Feds to Combat Border Violence with Mexico

3rd Earthquake Reported in Oklahoma

Quake Rocks Melbourne for Second Time in 2 Weeks

Underwater Volcano Erupts off Tonga Coast, 'Spectacular' – pics

240,500 Killed in Disasters Last Year, Study

Our Planet Gets Close Shave

Fury as Shell Cuts Back on Renewable Energy

U.S. May Widen Strikes in Pakistan

Sources: US to Sign UN Gay Rights Declaration

Israel Could Attack Iran With Missiles

Reports: Russia Confirms Iran Missile Contract

Medvedev Announces Plan to Rearm Russia

Kremlin to Pitch New GLOBAL Currency at G20

One-World Currency Emerges ... Again

How the Top 400 Banks in U.S. Fared in 2008

Livid Democrats Demand AIG Return Bailout Bonuses

UK Scraps Plan for 'Big Brother' Database

'I Fear a Civil War'

Did Obama Allow Human Cloning?

Green Tea, Mushrooms Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Health Care Overhaul May Cost About $1.5 Trillion

The AIG Outrage: The Government Shouldn’t Run Anything, Because It Cannot Run Anything.

Gas Tax Hike Looks Good to GM Chief

Hearts of Galaxies Close in for Cosmic Train Wreck

Pupils Foam at Mouth, Collapse at School

Polar Bears at Risk, Climate Deal Needed: Norway

Montserrat Frog is Latest Victim of Lethal Fungus Sweeping the World

The Orange Tree Is Texting -- Again

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