Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More on "tolerance"

We hear so much about how tolerant America is and that "It was always meant to be that way, That was one of our founding principles. As I have written in previous posts, the word "tolerance" has been changed from it's original meaning and become accepted to encompass whatever anyone would like to include within it's definition. Americans have become ignorant of our english language in addition to science and history.

In the 1840's into the 1900's Non-believers were forbade to obtain citizenship because they did not believe in God, they were not allowed to give testimony in court, access schools, marry other races or receive a certification of residency and also required to pay a special tax.

How tolerant are we?
Websters 1828 dictionary defines "religion" as " belief in a being and perfections of God"
Today's dictionary defines religion as " any specific system of belief" or 'state of mind or way of life."

It is comparisons like this that clearly expose the transition our country has made, we have and are becoming a society where everything is relative, where nothing is as concrete as it once was, therefore making truth, and fact much more difficult for one to obtain.

With these transitions everything has become acceptable and it will continue to distinguish the boundaries of law redering it meaningless.

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