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Are Republicans really stupid?

I am not a Republican but I shake my head as I watch the who parties bash eachother on who has more intelligence.It seems easy for people these days to push blame on others and remain in complete denial themselves and not have any factual basis for feeling the way they do... they just feel this way. Watch the video below and see for yourself. This is a classic example of how I feel many who voted for Obama feel. They do not know why they voted for him, they just did.

Heres another one, where there is no factual information regarding or communicating how stupid Republicans are, instead they produce a redundant video that is impossible to finish viewing because it has no intellectual backing.

Here's one that at least gives some idea of why they are hated. I get it...republicans are hated because they cannot open a closed ( locked) door, have minor innacuracies in their speech or show compassion?

or one more ( language warning) :
Stupid things that Republicans say (the ignorance here is overwhelming)

This woman speaks about herself, apparently attempting to obtain a gender procedure, for a few minutes before she shares her thoughts about republicans but again no factual component here either.According to the link above and other websites I have found these are other answers why they feel as they do:

"why republicans suck "
1- everything must be approved by the bible
2-george bush
3-w.a.s.p.s are treated first class while others are discriminated cause of their(the reps.) ----- religious views
4-most are racist (lets be honest here.. they are)
5-and homophobic
6-ronald reagan
7-they support a pointless wars
8- most are p---ks!
9-support arctic drilling
10- dont give a s--t about people or environment, just "god" and money
11-mitt romney
12-are paranoid that anyone different is evil and will try to kill us
13-dick cheney
14-lead to the shitty economic crisis were in
15-hate abortion
16 - thinks gays are of the devil
17- alan keyes also sucks

Let us look closely to the statements presented line by line:

1- America founded on Christian principles and law was created from biblical law (Is that a bad thing?) Biblical priciples are what has kept this the most morally and ethiccally strong country in the world...We are " The beacon on the hill"

2-George Bush, hmm, seems specific doesn't it? Like we haven't had bad democratic presidents before? Many republicans also regretted some of the decisions that he made. He, toward the end of his presidency acted much like a a democratic president in many of his economic issues as well as foreign policies. If the war in Iraq is what they truly hate about Bush, it would help them to know that the democratic congress supported the invasion on Iraq.
From Clinton himself:

3- WASPS. I have no idea what this refers to but I can tell you that the democrats are big on using verbiage like "discrimination" every time they can only because they must not understand the ideology. With the Socialistic mindset, until everyone is like everyone else, which will never happen ,discrimination will be one of thieir most widely used words.

4- Most a rascist? Another word in which no explanation is given. If this term relates to the transgender group or the gay/lesbian community, they need to be informed that they are not a "race". Specifics would be needed to support this statement. If racist means saying things in opposition to someone elses lifestyle, exercising "free speech, our first amendment right, are they not guilty as well? Are we, at some point, in violation of our rights here by speaking in opposition?Not under the Constitution!

5-homophobic-"Phobic" coming from a medical term meaning "IC" "pertaining to" and "phob" "infear of" I can tell you Republicans and conservatives are not scared of Homosexuals. This is another gross misuse of the english language to mean something that is innaccurate. I and others do not exept this lifestyle and I, they resent the fact that they are being "forced" to have this crammed down their throats. They are more angry than scared. They are as angry about having this lifestyle they consider unacceptible forced upon them as you are about them not accepting it. How is that for a quagmire?

6- Ronald Reagan, no specif reason given to dislike him so I will guess, the most patriotic, moral, God fearing president we have had in the past 100 years? I have difficulty understanding how anyone could not like a man with this stature, unless you do like like what he belived in..America, God, humility,Fellow Americans and their inate ability to rise against opposition and our resolve, our history and his unique ability to put it all together and make it happen, unlike any other president including the present administration will ever be able to do.

7-Support "pointless wars. " As Clinton in his finest hour would say "It depends on what the meaning of pointless is..." This statement written by a true democrat simply because they oppose ANY war. To someone like this, war has never been worth fighting for...even if our freedom depended on it. The meaning behind a statement like this would once have been considered "treason", but our liberals have decided that this word may have been too "hateful" so they either got rid of it or changed it's meaning.

8-Profanity is another signature mark of a group that calls the it's oppostiton "hate groups". While I try to retain my dignity,I wouldn't even dignify a response here, the complex volcabulary exudes intelligence here.

9-"Drill baby drill", Republicans suck because they want to drill in the Arctic? What would this group know about drilling in the Arctic anyway? Has anyone seen the land there? Has anyone else come up with a more cost effective strategy to end our foreign oil dependency other than using our food for fuel driving up the cost of food or creating environmental scenarios that create massive debt and an enormous "black hole" of spending? Statements like these need to be backed with facts not feelings.

10-Don't care about people, just God and money? Tell me who it is again that voted for Obama as the president? The one who was voted in to fix the economy( money)? It was said if the economy was not in the shape it is that Obama would never have won. How is it that republicans care less about people than Democrats again? Is it that Democrats are the majority of pro-abortion voters, the ones whom terminate pregnancies of baby humans (people)? Arent the Democrats the ones who are voting socialism" spreading the weaalth", the ones who want fto take from those who have? The ones that want the government programs, to raise taxes, to nationalize healthcare, to tax everything a person makes and give the governement control of our future?
Isn't it the democrats who have tripled the national deficit in 6 weeks and have placed an irreversable debt upon our future generations? Not care about people? I would rather give my children life and freedom without debt than kill them and if they did live to tax their children!!!These are just a few examples. I will agree with one part of this statement...I as a trus conservative and many republicans do Love God. We have reverance for the one and only Almighty God whose providence and protection has kept this coutry safe and prosperous since the beginning...God help us as he lifts His almighty hand away from his people. We are seeing the decline of moral society and an irreverible economic collapse as a result.

11-Another name with no credible facts on why he is disliked other than his moral, religious background and his intelligence as a "free market capitalist" and anti-socialist.

12-will not dignify a response to such a rant.
14-It is necesssary to understand how this crisis began. Democratic congress was the problem. Although it is convenient to blame Bush, as he was part of the problem,Bush had a democratic congress that could veto any legislation that he could have proposed to do anything good, if he wanted to. Don't you think it is time to search for facts and be accountable for the mistakes that have been made? On both sides? Remember during the Bush administration the Dow was at record high historical levels. Obama has tripled the deficit in 6 weeks as well as dropped the Dow to levels no seen since 1980 or so. It is also important to know that according to the Constitution the president is outside his jurisdiction to fix anything. he shall be the commander of the Military and of the states militias, to deal in foreign affairs and grant pardons and make treaties WITH THE CONSENT OF CONGRESS!! Read article 2 sec.2 of your Constitution.

15-I will admit , I do believe they DO hate Abortion, I know I do. More accurately put, according to "Politico" magazine, there actually are only 60% of republicans that are pro-life, so again your statement needs further research. Why is hating the murder of unborn babies a bad thing? One thing that may need consideration is that you needed to be born to hate abortion. Aren't you glad you were given life? Why wuld you deny that from someone else? It isn't the babies fault. I think this subject is as contraversial as it is because deep down everyione knows it is wrong.

16--I would challenge anyone to find proof that Republicans think that Gays are the devil. It is also important to know, which you obviously do not, that the "Log cabin republicans" are the largest, most wellfunded political group of homosexuals, so the acusation about republicans hating gays really carries no credibility. What you may be referring to is that the Christian conservative republicans who are pro-life, pro-family and pro-bible and pro-America.

17-Another name...searching for republican names...any name will do... I actually know him personally and I can tell you he does not.

After taking the time to summarize the differences between the two parties using this rant platform as a model, I realized that there is really no way to cahnge anyones preset suppositions. I think alot about how a bridge can be created between these two different ideologies and I have yet to find a way. In order for this bridge to be made, both sides must be willing to do the research and separate the truth from the emotion and the manipulation and the "feelings" part of the puzzle and get to the root of the issues. As I have written before, through history two things have happened, a complete breadown of society or a "great awakening". We are at the apex of the "cultural divide" no one willing to listen to the other and no one willing to back down.

Looking outside it is pretty apparent which direction we are headed as a society. Obama won't save us, Bush won't save us, Pelosi, Reid, Bernanke and Geithner won't save us. There is only one who saves, it is Christ himself.

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