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Equal rights denial to the GLBT continued...

I posted a response to an article I read in the Boise Weekly several weeks ago and wanted to share the response from a reader that replied to mine.

See http://truthofpoliticsandreligion.blogspot.com/2009/02/legislation-shutting-out-lgbt-rights.html.

My intention of including this response is in hopes that I may have, in some way, clarified some of the confusion in the culture today and help those who may not have understood it...to see it from a different perspective. I wouldn't suppose it would make me look any more respectful but it is definitely an attempt.

The main question in a previous post was " Why is it that people are not willing to accept them as equal to give them equal rights. ( remember it isn't that I do not believe they are not equal as human beings) and "Why is living togehter not viewed the same way as the GLBT?"

I wrote:

"As far as I know, Fornication is still against the law in Idaho, just not enforced, and Idaho is a right-to-work state."

Here is an example:

So if your employer was, say, the owner of a Christian bookstore, he may well have standards he would expect employees to meet and could base employment decisions on whether his staff was willing to abide by those standards. He’d be justified in doing so because there are a certain of values he wants his employees to represent.

Beyond that, homosexual sex is non-normative. The human body wasn’t designed – whether by evolution or God, it doesn’t matter – for that kind of sexual expression. It is inherently dangerous, risky and unhealthy. That’s why, for example, a recent study by the World Health Organization reported that gay males are 45 times more likely to come down with AIDS than straights for behavioral reasons. It’s more dangerous than doing intravenous drug, which certainly, for instance, would put an employer’s ability to qualify for group health insurance for his employees at risk.

Do you think an employer should be allowed to release a drug addict from employment. If you yes, then aren't you in essence accepting that unhealthy and destructive behaviors are legitimate causes of concern for employers?

I hope I am not straying off the subject here, this is a pretty comprehensive subject. BTW It is really important that you understand I have more concern than anger about all of these issues, as I am sure you do as well. I still am wondering which rights, specifically you are concerned about that are being denied considered "equal rights?"

I continued:

I believe this country, since the beginning, has been ordained by God, we have adopted the biblical standard to lay out the boundaries of right and wrong, to lay a foundation, a Standard for all humanity to abide by. This is where I believe the problem lays.

It is the standard that prevents polygamy,bestiality, incest etc. In my conversations I have found that people with the liberal ideology believe that "if two people are in love it should be accepted." I disagree and feel that it violates the "standard."

For example, should polygamy be allowed if they love each other? What about incest? If a mother loves his son should they be able to get married? Should a father be able to marry his daughter if they feel they are in love? Should human beings be able to marry and have sex with animals? Before you get offended, hear me out...I will use America as a timeline although you can pick which timeline in history you wish.

Two hundred years ago, our founding fathers stressed moral discipline, things related to marriage were strictly between a man and woman. It has only been in the last 50 years where people have tried to blur the moral boundaries. My point is if homosexual behavior was unacceptable then and it is acceptable now then what is to say that bestiality will not become acceptable in 50 more. A far stretch? maybe so but I think the moral decline we have made in the last 50 years would have been quite a stretch for our founding fathers as well.

Biblically speaking, lifestyles like living together would be considered immoral but socially not so much because our continual moral decline as a country and the SLOW progressive nature of this lifestyle.It is also important to understand that living together does not violate natural law. I lived this way for many years as well so don't think I am using you as a target. It was only when I came to know Christ that my life changed.( don't think it is any easier...it is harder but it becomes more important to stay the course knowing the consequences for those that know God's desire for us)

I mentioned "force" in the previous email, in addition I would like to add the issue of pride and the 13-15 amendments.
If the LBGT knew the majority was not in favor of this, why would they overule amendments, have "pride parades" in many instances have open and gay sex in the public streets across the country?( I don't recall hetero parades.) Why is it being forcefed to our children in public schools? Remember, this is a minority! If the minority gains ground in society it is called aid to "special interest" especially if the majority votes in the appropriate constitutional amendment process. Passed amendments are not to be overturned unless the amendment is voted on, by the people and passes.

It appeaers that this article pretty well exposes a perspective on the agenda at hand.


The other issue that is misunderstood or manipulated is the use of the 13,14 and 15 amendment to support GLBT and /or abortion. It is clear for anyone who reads these amendments to know this was about granting freedom to the slaves...nothing else, remember, at that time Atheism was against the law and we were still a country that believed in a "moral standard."

It is important that we undrestand eachother and understand that emails, in my opinion can get misunderstood. I must be clear here, I am not angry as I write, this happens to be such a "loaded, contraversial topic" I do not want you to think I have gone on a rant...Sometimes I think dialogue between two ideologies, such as ours, is what is needed to help understand eachother as a whole, which is my desire.

I am no different than any other American in that I believe in equal rights among men, I believe in honor, justice, our country and am proud of our nation of laws for which we have fought to uphold. I stand against majority rule, oligarchy, communism, oppression, socialism ( big government) and the denial of people to express their right to freedom...unless it happens to trample on someone elses this is considered by our founders to be a violation of our "personal liberty."

We are a nation of MORAL laws, which must be upheld, if these laws are violated then individual liberty is also violated and therefore not a foundational principle and not part of our God given right ( not government or constitution given) to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Do you feel after watching the video and veiwing picturesand reading articles located from the links below that this does not violate those liberties?



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