Monday, March 2, 2009

Similarities between Christians and Hollywood?

I was watching television last night and a commercial for UNICEF came on , appearing to be sponsored by our hollywood celebrities pleading about how we should help the children. I love children and am drawn when viewing to do what I can to help these children.These commercials break my heart as we watch the dire consequences, the famine, pestilence and violence of what their parents have left for them.It was a plea that appeared to be targeting the American people to help the children in hard hit areas around the world.

At first glance it would appear that these hollywood celebs really do care about the children, but after a moment I wondered "Who's children do they really care for?" I tried to watch this commercial objectively and realized I couldn't , to me, it appeared they cared more about the children in other countries than our own. Why do I say this?

There are 55oo children a day in America that lose their lives. 50 million since the 1950's. Their lives appear to be lost due to the "CHOICE", selfishness,lack of self control or merely for convenience and has become a mere option or "convenience" for the fast-paced American lifestyle. Why is it that Hollywood celebs do nothing to stand against the murder of the unborn in our own country?

As I began to ponder this commercial I realized this plea, by hollywood, is much like the "Christians" and their plea to spare innocent life except for one thing, the hollywood celebs are not being met with any opposition, why?

If I am a hollywood celeb and feel that I need to promote UNICEF to help save innocent lives, it is my passion and what I feel deep down inside as a driving force to help these children.
If I am a "Christian" and I feel the need to protect these children and is my passion, why am I met with such opposition?

For the sake of argument, what if these countries believed in having these children grow up this way? What if it is a mere option,'CHOICE",convenience, or religious belief for them for whatever reason, who are we to try to change their ideology? Do we believe it is immoral? inhumane? sacreligious?Yet the hollywood celebs push on in their quest to "save the children"

I never thought I would compare Christians to hollywood but I find the continuity in the area of fighting for a cause to be strickingly similar.

As Hollywood contiues to try to "save the children" across the world in what their parents have left for them, for whatever reason, we, the Christians, who believe in the sanctity of life, will continue to try to save them here from what future we, as parents, have left for ours, for those who are left and be thankful for each one saved.

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