Saturday, March 7, 2009

Atheist group places billboard in Boise

Iam truly dissappointed at the utter ignorance of the people in this state and others around this country to allow such a group to disrespect our history as a nation and the people who fought for their religious freedom UNDER GOD, to publically deny his very existence even though proof of it is everywhere! The ignornace of this group and what they believe is so obvious if one would just look.
If this group felt like it was their right under the first amendment under "free speech" they are wrong, or were according to our founding fathers. The Supreme court in 1798 not only recognized America as a Christian nation but threw out court cases and denied the testimony of an Atheist simply because He would not acknowledge faith in God,in addition, the Supreme court also had quoted that they were suprised at his lack of acknowledgement and that they never knew someone who didn't believe in God.
If one has ever read the first amendment they would also realize that it was a "freedom OF religion" NOT "freedom FROM religion". What makes this rather funny is that if they truly stand for freedom from religion then someone ought to tell them that in 1961 (Torcaso v. Watkins)The Supreme court declared that Atheism along with "Secular humanism" were both religions!
The more someone looked into the ideology of Atheism the more they would see that nothing they believe has anything credible to sustantiate it.
I am not saying they do not have the right to believe as they do, I just don't believe that they have the right to post sacreligious rhetoric in a country founded on the principles of Jesus Christ.
As America stands today, we have become completely ignorant of our history, instead ,professing to the poison of "tolerance" and "diversity" to excelerate the moral decline of this country.

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