Friday, March 13, 2009

The American deception

If there is an awakening in America it seems to be a slow process. The people are still so consumed with the political diversion without looking at the bigger picture. I admit for a time I was swayed by the policial rhetoric but am becoming increasingly more aware of the global agena.

People who do not take the time to understand would consider this conspiracy theory but once the time is taken to look at the facts and take the time to do the research and compare what you read to what is happening outside it becomes quite clear something is seriously wrong.

Alex Jones has created many documentaries relating to these "conspiracy theory" topics but this one by far encompasses the most complete spectrum, in detail, revealing the complexity that is so unbelieveable one could only deny it because of it's sheer magnitude.

Please consider viewing this video, it is almost two hours but I find it absolutely necessary for every American.

Please do not be offended at the title if you happen to favor Obama, this also includes BUsh, Cheney, and other past presidents and how they are all part of a bigger plan.

I prefer to call it the Deception of America

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