Wednesday, March 18, 2009

US to sign United Nations "gay rights" declaration

We are so out of control as a country morally, spiritually, unlawfully, I am increasingly convinced that one hand no longer knows what the other one is doing by our government or by the individual citizens of this country, or so it would appear.

Our laws have become so inconsistent and now differ according to what one believes that it should be impossible to impose a descent law and have it respected much less followed without manipiulation.

It is no secret I was and am still against prop 8 and any other legislation that would further the GLBT agenda. It does not mean I hate these people, I just disagree with what they stand for...Just as they disagree for what I stand for. I will say that I DO hate the fact that they feel it is acceptable to silence the opposition through unlawful, unconstitutional means and to violate the morality and integrity of our legal system and their fellow citizens.

Our first amendment right was not written to have men prance around like women or vice versa and spew hateful and sometimes vile speech while in many cases performing lewd acts in the streets across the country to those who do not believe as they do... passing laws to make this kind of behavior aceptable...Now the "Circus Obama administration" will sign into law that speaking against the GLBT is unlawful?

Where is our freedom of speech now? Who has the freedom of speech? The small percentage of followers of this organization? Shouldn't it be for all citizens? This is so wrong on so many levels I am beside myself. A few examples are that, as I have said over and over,

It is unlawful, unbiblical( for those who believe...still the majority in this country by the way, proven by passage of amendments like prop 8), immoral and unnatural. In addition this will give credibility ( so they think) to promote an agenda that caters to the 1% of these followers while violationg the free speech, beliefs and moral obligation we have to eachother as citizens as the majority. This is "Forced indocrination!"

My rhetorical question is now that this declaration is in place and we are no longer allowed to speak against the GLBT...why should they continued to be allowed to stalk, ridicule, beat, expose personal information, post adresses on the internet and discriminate their opposition?

This is another instance in which we will become more and more divided until we are taking it to the streets in an all out side already is...remember the 90 days of protest in the passage of prop 8? Still those in oppostion respectfully stand there in amazement at the behavior that is being represented. Our country hasn't seen anything yet.

The followers promote and support the GLBT also promote the idea of giving aid to special interest while violating our state and federal laws to obtain their goal without regard or respect for their neighbors, friends, family members of which believe differently that they do.

The fact that the Obama administration can impose such a declaration and "force the individual states if another confirmation of the denial of "states rights" supported by the 10th amendment of the Constitution.

I feel it necessary to make myself clear here...If you are a homosexual, lesbian etc, that is your choice, just as my choice is to remain a heterosexual. I do not take my heterosexuality to the streets in protest, break laws, violate constitutions or deny moral, natural, civil and biblical law. I do not or will not violate your "God given rights" and prefer that you respect mine. In a "nutshell"...please do not "force" me to accept something I choose not to. Our rights strictly prohibit this.

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