Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Man and God...email debate with a non believer

In a recent email I invited a few friends to listen to a friend of mine, Coach Daubenmire on the Michael Savage radio program of which I couldn't believe the email response I received, so disapponted I had to post it.

My friends response to the invitation:

"But, I'll pass on Coach ’Do I now become your enemy because I tell the truth?’ Dave....
Not a big fan as you can imagine. Generally don't dig an uncompromising right wing evangelical man with the self-appointed mission of “uniting and mobilizing God-fearing Americans” who orginizes confrontational actions against fellow americans and trying to make laws that take away our american freedoms. Not some one I would call a friend."

My response back to my my friend:

As much as I enjoy your friendship, this one stung a bit; not only personally but as I remember all of the fallen soldiers and those God fearing Americans that fought for this country.

These men sacrificed their lives and left their families so that people like you that can deny its CLEAR history and slander all of what this country was because, in great part to their gratefulness, faith and of their fear in God and His law. These men knew and believed with all they had was necessary for a morally upright society, not that at points in time, they may not have made mistakes as ALL MEN do but knew what was necessary nonetheless.

You man, I have always thought to be an incredibly intelligent man but I lately have come to question your knowledge in several areas one of which I thought for sure you would stand solid, So here are a few questions:

How is it that a man, like yourself that denies God as the giver of life and Creator of the world and all things in it, would rather believe in Human autonomy, that humans are the “BE ALL END ALL?” How is it you feel man is the answer to all the world’s problems, when there is enough proof to show that this has never been true.

Have you seen someone create a universe, make the sun rise the same way every day, create complex human systems like the lungs, heart and liver and they intricate way in which they operate and how they are each necessary to each other, how humans all are created the same way with all of the necessary parts no matter what color you are or where you came from…logically , consistently and purposefully, not random through ridiculous chemical reactions and supposed "hard scientific" evidence you have never seen which also relies on logic, facts and reason? Inconsistent, perhaps?

You make God fearing people out to be the enemy and you say that it is these people that destroy your Rights. Where is it exactly do you think your rights came from?

Let me explain why I think you need to rethink your position.

There are only two governing entities, God and Man.

Men who are governed by God
acknowledge Gods law and man’s law as long as it is consistent with it. The constitution, our rule of law and the declaration confirms this and you should have no choice but to agree if you have really searched the truth for yourself. The God fearing people you have difficulty with and ridicule are the same ones that established our rule of law you say you love as well as to uphold the same principles that made this country the beacon of hope to the world for hundreds of years. It is man’s denial of God that has destroyed this image to the rest of the world imposing restrictions on other countries we never had the right to do.

These men in creating the constitution knew that our Rights came from God that is why they were written as inalienable “God given.” They knew that man had no right to take something away they weren’t given the power… that was given by God that they had no authority to take away. That is why they wrote the constitution to limit the power of government, man’s law, not to restrict those who wrote it.

They also understood that if man denied God, they would become a law unto themselves, creating more and more law restricting the rights of the people ending in tyranny of some form of totalitarianism as history has also proven time and time again.

Men governed by men acknowledge man and look to man for their rights, which by its own definition insinuates that it is this governing entity, man that control and regulates the rights of man, even whether they are entitled to them , who is entitled and for how long if at all. Since they acknowledge the evolutionary theory, it also poses another set of problems in that it gives you no basis on which to define anything logically due to the random nature of your worldview unless you stand on consistent Christian principles…my worldview.

These “men” say they believe that all men are entitled to be free to do whatever they feel is right, without boundaries which has always been a hot selling point for non-believers due to the “freedom” and lack of necessity for accountability which is why the term “don’t judge” has become so popular but history has always told a different story for they do not believe this at all because of their fallen nature and their selfish desire to rule over each other that history has also proven. Have you not imposed judgement upon those like myself and "Coach?" A bit inconsistent, wouldn't you say? How do you justify your position?

If you truly believe in freedom as you say you do and that all men have the right to their own truth and should do what is right for them, how can you justify your position in the condemnation on those, like my friend Coach, who believe differently than you do when you feel they were created as a random chemical reaction and perhaps have no control over what they do? Isn’t your condemnation against others who believe differently than you do contradictory to your worldview? Aren’t you now the one imposing restrictions on another? Your worldview is a contradiction unless you stand on the Christian worldview one of logic, reason, purpose and rationale.

You say that it is the God fearing Americans that organize against others to aid in the restriction of rights? You mean like the removal of the freedom of speech, religion, press, right to redress of grievances, the right to own guns, grow food on your own property, how many children to have, the constant increase of laws that regulate the freedom of people and endless taxation? You mean the ones that give elevated rights to minorities and the immoral? It is “secular man”…those who deny God, like yourself, that has imposed such regulations, like the ACLU, SLPC, Planned parenthood, unions, like the SEIU, congress, president and many others.

Why is it that the word “tyranny” in Greek defined as “secular rule? Fitting isn’t it?

If you knew the founding documents you would realize that it states that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED (by God) EQUAL WITH CERTAIN INALIENABLE RIGHTS AMONG THOSE ARE LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” (not rights given by man…the government!) Not to give rights to just the homos, or the Muslims…. What you fail to understand due to your desire to ignore the truth is that we were a nation created with Christian principles and that our founders knew that a nation could not survive without God, that multiculturalism was a danger to our sovereignty and that freedom of religion was not originally intended for other religions than the Christian religions, they were speaking of denominations but I understand you will never seek it out for yourself and I’m not willing to argue about it.

All laws were to be created for all people!! It is the God fearing people that understand that all men are created equal not that equality is imposed by the government? If the moral decay of society is not obvious to you today, we can only hope that one day it will, hopefully before it’s too late.

Why is it that the Bible says that Laws are for the lawless? They understood when people denied God, man had no choice but to increase law, to increase restrictions because people abandoned personal responsibility or felt personal responsibility was relative according to the individual who creates chaos in society…just look outside, read the news, can you really tell me that we are better now than ever before?

God says that people who deny Him, have blinders on, can I not help but wonder?

The rights you feel you are losing are being destroyed by those in which you hold in such high regard…man. The state, your government , ever increasing, of which there is no end, endless spending, corruption, no moral or ethical restraint and no clear boundaries because right and wrong change, all in the name of tolerance.

Why it is that Aristotle even stated that “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.”

How is this conducive to a peaceful society when something continually evolves, how is it exactly that stability is achieved to grow and prosper, to raise families, to engage in commerce, to create wealth and businesses, is it not necessary to have logical consistency rather than the constant evolution and change of everything?

I’m sorry but your position is weak, it is arbitrary, it is inconsistent and absolutely absurd, with all due respect, Of course.

My friend, You are brighter than you write here, I know it, you know it and I know that you can see it. I appreciate you trying to pull my chain, as only friends can do to one another and then go out for a beer.

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