Sunday, January 2, 2011

Liberty, Pornography and The Law


In my excitement about reading “Law and Liberty” by RJ Rushdoony, I continue my attempt to paraphrase the book that I wish everyone would buy because of how it explains the relationship of law in the various areas of our society. Full credit should be given to the author as my only desire is to promote his book and share his point of view of which I completely agree.

Are laws imposed on pornography a violation of one’s freedom of expression, their liberty and their freedom?

For years it seems, to some, we have tried to find a way to legislate and restrict the freedom of a two billion dollar a year business, they see it as restriction of free market capitalism while still others feel that this freedom has gone to the extreme and needs to be controlled.

It has been said that the legislative process has been difficult because of the lack of strength of current laws but regardless of whether those agree on the various laws or not, it is agreed among most that tighter restrictions and laws are needed to control crime and STD’s.

If we passed laws against porn would it mean a greater loss of liberty, through government censorship creating a larger problem than the one in question?
This moral issue creates problems because morality directly affects liberty.

Liberty is defined as: “The state of being exempt from domination of others or from restricting circumstances.”

As a “free people” are we really free, being exempt from domination and restrictions? We all have responsibilities, husbands, wives, children, animals,bosses, offices, taxes and government, are these responsibilities not domination and restriction to various degrees?
We all have some form of restrictions and no one is exempt, even “free people.”

Is absolute or unlimited liberty even possible and is it even a good thing? If man, as described by God, is fallen and has an inherent sinful nature will he not eventually be a law unto himself?

All societies in history whom have abandoned God have resulted in either in anarchy or some form of totalitarianism, both which are the enemy to law and liberty.

God’s law was created because of the inherent nature of man, so that we may live the most free, most prosperous and be able to achieve maximum liberty through such moral restraint and respect for others which is the purpose of law.

Is it really endangering liberty if we impose laws against pornography?

Is freedom really unlimited freedom? How about freedom of religion? Can we go and do as we please and say what we want in the name of free speech or expression? Can we lie to others and do so legally under the same premise, why are they different? Can you yell “bomb” or”fire” in an airport or crowded room? Can we freely use profanity on TV or in meeting with government officials, How about the press?
Freedoms we have must be respected and exercised using personal responsibility with respect to all without creating chaos.

American liberty and law are achieved and maintained by furthering liberty by the law not to create freedom from it. Legislation must CAREFULLY and CONSCIOUSLY be created to preserve liberty for future generations and God’s law, not man’s law is the principle that guarantees this freedom.

Laws to control pornography further liberty not destroy or obstruct it because it protects families and prevents social decay because it begs the utilization of personal responsibility through Godly, moral and ethical behaviors.

Pornography is, in fact, more of an enemy to the law rather than an element of liberty because it demands a society of moral anarchy where people break laws to prove they are free.

Today, while people compare pornography to freedom of the press, it is much different in that it breeds moral irresponsibility, destroys families, creates bitterness, sadness resentment and anger when combined lead to anything but a civil society where children are lost and made wards of the state, parents are lost and looking for ways to mask the pain, “on the rebound” perpetuating the pain, the children are neglected, become angry, hostile and allows for the government to have to take care of all of them, resulting in the endless creation of physical and psychological disorders and medications to treat them.

Our Founding fathers were quoted as saying “Our constitution was written for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate for any other form of government” ( Did I see religion and government in the same sentence?)

What happens to our law and our liberty when we become a people whom are neither?

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