Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Idaho's governor and the selling off of America

I have been trying to stay on top of all the important news the media is incapable of exposing and the more I read, the more disgusted I get, I mean seriously! Are we really this stupid to think that our government is doing what is in the best interest of its citizens?

The drugs and propaganda this regime is shoving down our throat must be working in the fulfillment of their agenda, we now willingly train our military with the communists, that hate us by the way, in our own country and no one sees this as a problem? Are we immune here in Idaho, NOT A CHANCE!!

Months, maybe a year ago I heard on local KTVB, Idaho’s communist news channel, how elated this state is to accept the Singapore military to train here in Mountain Home, that it would be long term.

Months later I read or hear about the Chinese military here as well also staying long term, I was outraged at the ignorant smiles on their faces and wondered if anyone knew the serious ramifications of what is to come.

Economically speaking, I red that China pretty well owns America in that it holds more US treasuries than anyone else which means to those who don't know, that this country is indebted to our enemy! Do we see the problem yet? Let me continue

Recently, I have been receiving email from a friend where Idaho now has engaged in something else.

Chinese company eyes Boise: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2010/12/31/1472023/chinese-company-eyes-boise.html

Evidently China feels that Idaho will be a good economic industrial foothold. Now it appears that Idaho government has stepped into prostitution becoming the pimp for the Chinese whores in that we can now sell off our sovereignty granting citizenship to those who pay enough for it and help us get out of the financial mess that was created by spending beyond our means with the budget the Idaho legislature stated they supposedly balanced.

Instead of the American people realizing the danger of such transactions they say:

“I think China’s coming over here shows they are willing to collaborate on the reinvigoration of the American industrial base,” said Jeff Don, CEO of Eagle-based C3, which is acting as an Idaho representative for the Chinese company, called Sinomach for short.

So China, our communist enemy, is trying to HELP us now?

So I read on that our CONSERVATIVE governor Otter traveled to China last June, probably on the back of the taxpayers, “to tell anyone who would listen that Idaho is open for business.” China surpassed Japan as the second largest economy in the world in 2010. What better way to take control of the last free nation on earth, all under the guise of “helping us.”out of our economic woes.

Did we realize our governor supports the global warming theory by his endorsement of this project? “Sinomach, who is working with Southeast Idaho Energy company also would separate the carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change and ship it to Wyoming, where it can be pumped underground to enhance the extraction of natural gas.

What if the Governor and our local Idaho legislature decided to save money by killing its own citizens or reduce the amount of children born to decrease levels of CO2 that THEY BELIeVE is contributing to “climate change? Sound impossible? Why? It’s what communist governments do. With China as the economic powerhouse that now apparently owns the US, what would stop them?

Otter, while in Beijing, also worked with Doug Sayer, president and CEO of Premier Technology, “to build long-term relationships with China National.” (This sounds promising.)

“Anything we can do to work toward having good industry opportunities for investment is important whether we get a piece of that work,” Sayer said. (Anything huh?)

Pat Sullivan, a Boise lobbyist who works with Southeast Idaho Energy said “One thing these Chinese see is we have a governor here who has a great big open-door policy, and I think that’s making a difference in this Sinomach project,” he said.

So we have a governor with a “great big open door policy,” a president that has a great big open border policy, who calls his own citizens terrorists and grants the real enemy full amnesty to roam this country in full freedom to achieve economic prosperity while the tax paying citizens are losing our sovereignty, our homes, jobs, wealth ,our freedom and under increasing surveillance?

The really neat thing were doing here (NOT!) in Idaho is making a constitutional amendment that will allow the government to allow us to go into more debt, “that allows the airport to borrow money to build facilities that can be leased to companies on a long-term basis.” The airport commission also has the authority to grant long-term leases and landing rights to air carriers, including those from China.” (Isn’t this wonderful?)

This is such good news that the the flood gates will be open when they stated “We’re getting calls from investors from all across Asia who are interested in Idaho,”

Brad Little also showed support stating: “Idaho’s the last state that should say we don’t want to do business with Asia,” said Lt. Gov. Brad Little. “Asia’s where the money is.”

So, its all about the money. Forget sovereignty, forget the constitution, the founders “original intent”, forget national security, forget those who have sacrificed their lives so that we could remain free, lets just throw it all way, I mean “Who cares about America anyway? Apparently no one that we elected to represent us!

“Little, who met with Zhang Chun, director general of Sinomach, and other company officials, said “he thinks the state and the company are a good fit.”

But we should be proud of our lieutenant governor when he did say ““We’re sure not going to favor a Chinese company over an Idaho company,” (Isn’t that reassuring.)

In summary, it is my belief, our government welcomes our communist enemies to do business here because they fear that maybe the citizens will finally realize that maybe they weren’t as fiscally responsible as they said they were and by allowing these transactions to take place, it would be a great way to cover their tracks since the Chinese own us anyway.

Reality is if China owns us and they are that good for Idaho’s economy, our government will bend over and do anything to keep them here even if it means favoring China’s interests like CO2 regulations, child birth limits to help reduce carbon emissions or promoting their business interests over our own.

Every day as we fall deeper into tyranny, it becomes more and more difficult to see any visible remains of what America was, even here in Idaho.

Posterity — you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."
—John Quincy Adams

"An honest but mistaken man, once shown the truth, either ceases to be mistaken or ceases to be honest."
— Jewish proverb

"We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."

- Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

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