Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Education or indoctrination...

I received a Facebook comment today in response to a recent post on public school. Quadir, the gentleman, stated that he couldn’t have learned if his education wasn’t free and why would I not want him to learn. I was delighted to comment.

My response is below:

Quadir, thanks for your comment. First of all education is not free. It is provided at the expense of the working tax payers. Second, in America, we are not a democracy but a “constitutional republic” a rule of law under the constitution that was written to limit the power of government not its citizens, the ones who wrote it. If public education is not constitutional there should be no argument because providing for education would then be unlawful under our present rule of law.

It isn’t a question of whether I want you to learn or not, it is what you learn and who should pay for your education. In this country we are all recognized that we are all Created equal and have the same rights and privileges provided by God, not government.

If you want to become educated, it is a matter of taking individual personal responsibility to achieve the goals you desire on your own merit, not at the expense of others, this is government endorsed stealing or “legalized plunder.” Shall I take your wealth; you have worked hard for, by force, to educate my children, Of course not. If you would like to offer charity that comes from the heart that is your choice, but by force is robbing you against your will. The other thing about government education is that what your learned wasn't education at all, it was a brainwashing indoctrination of what they, the government, wants or thinks you should you to know, a conditioning process if you will.

Quadir, my question is what is it that you learned or hoped to learn? I assume you wanted to become educated, as you said, which requires multiple perspectives on particular ideas or theories. What has happened instead is a “free indoctrination” it is having the government take taxpayer money, by force, also unlawful, and tell you what is fact and what is not without giving you both perspectives so that you may utilize your God given ability to use logic and reason and your critical thinking skills to come to these conclusions yourself.

Did you learn about America? About our "constitutional republic", that we are a nation of laws, founded on Biblical principles, that adherence to the constitution required that you acknowledged a Creator that was the source of all things, not that we came from some “primordial soup” and are just a random chemical reaction, that our Founders were homosexuals, that evolution is a fact or that it is illegal to link Christianity to the history of this country?

Did you learn that secular societies in history have always resulted in anarchy or tyranny? How about that the word "tyranny" in Greek, that means "secular rule." How about our American Founding fathers, the sacrifices for freedom made by them and those soldiers who give their life for others for that cause that is now being destroyed by the government that" we the people" created to preserve our freedom?

To me it is very clear and hopefully now clear to you as well, Government schools promote government as god. They want you to believe they are the source of all things, that is why it is crucial that God is not taught in school. Once you have been conditioned to accept this, you will then look to the government and worship them according to the rights they think you should have or not have rather than the rights that God gave you that government was to protect, not take away!

They are not teaching you to be educated to be self sufficient, and take personal responsibility for your actions, they are teaching you to be reliant on a system, a system that will take that responsibility from you, do all things for you, a system that is doomed to fail our future generations.

The sad part is that most government indoctrinators, some whom a good people, are oblivious to this fact as they wonder why the children in these schools are becoming more and more defiant when they don’t do what these teachers ask them to. These children as well as the teachers have been conditioned to be this way by the system in which they attend.

Perhaps this is why public school was not included in our constitution.

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