Saturday, January 1, 2011

Life and the Law

Again, as the previous post, this was another chapter in the book “Law and Liberty” by RJ Rushdoony. The more I read it , the more I appreciate it and my desire was to share it with those would also find interest in it. Again, the credit goes to the author as I try to paraphrase this wonderful chapter in a truly awesome book!

Most people, if not all of them will say they have a “reverence and respect for life.” Some believe that life is equally revered whether they are animals, humans, insects or plants. They believe that killing anything is an act of murder without any difference in what is moral and what is not but somehow believing “what is Biblical is restrictive and oppressive.”

Christianity, through Gods inspired word in scripture provides clear and concise definitions and boundaries. Thou shalt not murder” defines God to be the giver and taker of life for life is a gift from God and to be lived according to His law.

If one man kills another, is it murder and unbiblical? In Genesis 9:6 it states “Who sheds a mans blood, by man shall his blood be shed”, In Exodus 21:12 it states “Smite a man and he shall be put to death.” And in Numbers 35:16-18 it calls capital punishment, the punishment for murder.

It is God that has the right “to kill” not man but as the church’s ministry is discipline, the government’s ministry is justice, BOTH under God’s law. These positions are like God’s for they have the authority over laws to protect life.

“ If God’s justice is perverted, they shall die like men.” Psalms 82:7

Capital punishment by “the state” is not subject to the interpretation by man’s law because it puts the life in the hands of man but required under God’s law which clearly needs no interpretation and secures life in that the decisions do not evolve over time and become arbitrary according to who you are or what you may believe.

Biblically, man should be presumed innocent until found guilty (if this sounds familiar, it is proof yet again of God’s foundation in American law) but once a man is found guilty he should not be an object of pity (If this sounds familiar, it is because the American rule of law now denies Gods law) because it then puts the power of God into the hands of man and again becomes subject to man’s arbitrary nature.

“Those that forsake the law praise the wicked.” Proverbs 28:4
“He that turns his ear from the law, his prayers shall be an abomination.” Proverbs 28:9

Humanists believe that freedom is life beyond the law, beyond good and evil which is both the abandonment of Law and morality.

Christians believe God’s law is a condition of life, like water to a fish or soil to a tree and believe that the abandonment of law results in oppression by man, leading to chaos, disorder, lawlessness and death.

“Hatred for God id hatred of life” Proverbs 8:36
“Those who despise the law are guilty of the sin of presumption.” 2 Peter 2:10

“Humanists believe in presumption to take for themselves the authority for which they have no right, whether it be from God on their own terms, to reframe and reorganize their world where they will rule rather than God.” Without the belief in God, man is free to govern as he pleases without accountability, or so he thinks.

It is only under God’s law where life is protected. Under His law humans whether unborn or elderly it is left to God and God alone, who giveth life and taketh away.

Interestingly enough, It is the Humanists who claim to value life, equally in all forms, while they abandon God’s law, legalize the death of 5000 unborn babies and allow the government to withhold food and drink from the elderly and infirmed, These Humanists kill plants and animals for food to sustain themselves while praising the environment, planning on the death of the elderly, maintaining the executions of babies all in the name of overpopulation, yet somehow they fail to live by example? Now who’s hypocritical?

It is clearly God’s law to protect life and freedom, to become good stewards of the earth we have been given while it is man’s law that is inconsistent, arbitrary and irrational that has always resulted in anarchy, tyranny or death.

One thing to keep in mind the next time you hear someone say "God bless America" remember what scripture says...then ask youself, If we turn from his law, Should he?

“He that turns his ear from the law, his prayers shall be an abomination.” Proverbs 28:9

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