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Our children- Asset or liability...

The above title is one I wanted to find that I could get people to read and respond to and I thought it would get more attention than “Our children, what have we done”, or " Our children and public school" or Our children, reap what we sew or a variety of others which would probably be more appropriate. I hope readers find it thought provoking. ( If anyone reads.)

Do you love your children? Do you feel “the state” should too? Do they, or just say they do?How about us?

Do you, as parents, feel that if you love them that part of loving them is the desire to take personal responsibility to take care of them and discipline them or do you feel that it is a job of “the state?” Are they an asset as they should be or have we made them a liability?

When I grew up as a child, I remember my parents telling me what to do all the time. I remember having chores to do in a timely manner or there would be consequences. I had to clean my room, do dishes, wash cars, clean up dog poop and a variety of other things before I was able to do what I wanted to do.

I used to hate chores, I used to think I was punished until I was finally told about how children learn responsibility and that it was through doing jobs, helping out around the house. It was also to be taught follow through, team work and discipline and that if jobs had to be done, and there was an agreement, that people depended on you to get things done. It helped shape me into being a man of my word but somehow something was still missing. For many years although I realized what I needed to do, I still rebelled and “forgot" to do what I said I would.

In elementary school, I attended an Episcopal school and had many Christian friends, we went to school together, played and ate together and went to church and chapel together even when my parents would drop me off an pick me up later, like they knew church was better for me than it was for them.

One weekend I went to Andrew, my classmates, house to spend the night and I was shocked about what I saw. He walked through the door and greeted his parents with a smile, he communicated with them. He was respectful to his family. He was helpful to both his mom and his dad and cheerful about it, I was perplexed, so I asked him “why is it you do what you do and do it so cheerfully?

He said “God tells us to love our parents and part of loving them is showing respect and helping them when they need it, to honor them and that God loves and blesses those who do so cheerfully.” Boy what a blow I just received. We enjoyed the weekend together even though I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said and thought about that for many months afterward.

In those months I really tried hard to do as Andrew did now that I understood the real purpose of these chores, it was to obey God.

Even today, I remember the time I spent with Andrew and his family and never did forget what he said and that I shared the same principle with my children. I wonder if he would ever realize how important that day was in my life, for I never had a chance to tell him and have since lost touch.

Now that I am older and I see how many children are today, I can’t help but see such selfishness, such disrespect, no honor, no integrity, sloppy appearance and no discipline.
Were these children not taught the values that we learned as children, why?

I live in a small town, small enough to where everyone knows each other,where my children attend public school and where it is still small enough to know what kinds of things are happening there.

For the last few years, I have been increasingly more concerned with what is happening here because as I read, I find this kind of thing is happening all over the country, like an epidemic, what is happening? My concerns that began with the school branched out into the community, the state and the country, so I began to read and eventually led me to run for the Idaho legislature.

One day, it hit home, God! I couldn’t explain why I was just sure it had to be. A few years ago, I read about the separation of church and state because I wanted to know the truth. I read about history, the founding fathers, early America, I attended seminars, buying books on tape and so on and finally into apologetics and have continued to read ever since.

Today, I feel I have the answer and it was as I suspected, it was God, or should I say it was the lack of Him.

The majority of children today have been raised by parents who were taught that God is either a personal choice and/or God had no place in the public forum and especially not in school for society teaches that God is not allowed. Are they sure they want it this way? Do they know the consequences for this decision?

In the 1950’s, before God had begun to be removed, the two biggest problems were chewing gum and talking in class.

Today, we can choose from a wide assortment of issues like divorced single families, multiple and /or same sex partners, teen pregnancy, abortion, school shootings, drugs, alcohol, increased violence, depression, anxiety, perscription meds, failure to take them as prescribed or selling them, no respect for authority and complete disregard for the law. I’ll bet that the degree of problems in the world today are a direct proportional result of the abandonment of God, the more people deny god, the more they give unto themselves and their wishes. Does the school teach this?

Due to the secularity of school that teaches that there is no God, what they really mean to say is that there is no Christ. What they are saying is that “we, the government” are god.
Aren’t they? Do they even realize it?

Throughout history, there are only two governing authorities, God and man, “the state.”
If you deny one, aren’t we accepting the other by default?

God says that he is the Creator and giver of life, the protector of His creation and that all men are created with certain rights given to each of us, by him that cannot be taken away which is why, biblically and constitutionally, government was created, to protect and guarantee these rights.

On the other hand, if one denies God, his only other choice is to believe that “the state” is the source for everything and on it and it alone, shall we be reliant, that it alone will dictate what our rights are and what they are not and these rights and freedoms can surely be taken away if you fail to do as they say.

School teachers today, say they do not teach this, some teachers even claim to be Christians. Do they not see the dangers of the denial of our Creator?

A child was recently killed crossing the crosswalk and it created a movement in town where a few parents demanded more from their city government and actually got what they asked for. While I attended the meeting, I asked them if they felt more police, surveillance cameras and lower speed limits, more crosswalks, lights would prevent future accidents, they stated it would.

When I told them that what they were asking for was outside our proper role of government and more than the city had in their budget and told them a zero cost remedy would be for the parents to teach their children, I was told to take my constitutional principles outside and ousted from the meeting confirming, to me, that the parents had no interest in either the rule of law or caring for the children, only finding a way for the government to do it, no matter what the expense, even if we didn’t have the money.

A few weeks had passed and as I parked on the side of the street waiting to pick up my kids I saw continued lack or responsibility in that kids would be rough housing on the sidewalks and not watching where they were going, they refused to look at oncoming traffic and continued to cross the street, most of them with their pants down to their ankles, wearing bed slippers or pajamas, I went to the school district office to discuss a possible remedy.

The crossing guard was there with a few others and when I told them what I saw, they agreed and said frantically, "we know its a huge problem" and they didn’t know what to do!

I told them because it all starts with parents knowing the importance of personal responsibility and government knowing their proper role.

If parents are taught, and they teach their children that government is the answer and not God then they have succeeded in their goal and the school now is poised with a problem it should never have had in the first place. I told them simply, the Bible says “you reap what you sew.” If you want children to worship the government and not God, you will have to suffer the consequences of your actions.

Our society today has broken records on children on medications, 25 % of all children in America are on medication, treating psychological meltdowns due to the inability to cope, breakdown of the family, marital conflict, peer pressure due to sex and drugs and who is left to pick up the tab? Did we not see that this was coming?

We teach our children, Marxism, that it isn’t the family that is important, that it is “the state” by our denial of God, instead the only solution is to hire more unqualified social workers and prescribe medications to have these kids walk around sedated, in a trance, doing what they are taught, “believing that they are entitled to their own version of truth” and they wonder why so may of our children have issues with depression, confusion and authority?

It seems that there are far more psychological disorders than in previous years and a medication or multiples created for each one. Are there really disorders or are they created, possibly chemical reactions due to the GMO foods and improper nutrition, and other medications or maybe just a way for the government to receive money from pharmaceutical companies that make money prescribing more and more drugs?

Either way, the abandonment of God has left us with a greater liability than an asset and one we can no longer bear. We now have problems we cannot seem to find solutions for and abandoning our personal responsibility have left the government to have to raise taxes to spend tax dollars that should have gone elsewhere instead of how to find solutions to such problems.

Problems socially due to the instability and confusion of the proper role of government and family, economically due to the increase in costs for our failure to take responsibility for our own actions and morally because everyone is entitled to do what makes them happy without “being judged”, legally because they are taught that law evolves over time, just to name a few.

If we say we love our children how is it that we have left them in such a mess? Are they a cherished asset, as they should be or a have we ignorantly created a tremendous liability, by risking their intellect, our freedom, our economic wealth, morality and their future and their relationship with God? Shall we be held responsible for our failure to teach Gods word? What have we done? Instead of saying "God bless America, we should be in repentence for it isn't blessings we will recieve, itis judgement and wrath!

America, take heed, “To live like there is no God makes you a fool.” Psalms 14:4

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