Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nature and Law

Western logic seems to always have had some regard for the existence of natural law, however eastern philosophies have remained skeptical about nature and the supernatural commonly found in agnosticism and atheism that believes in the “ultimate truth” based in “nothingness” or basically the impossibility of ‘absolute truth.”

Some that believe in natural law believe in a higher law in nature rather than the law of the state which man can and will discover as he evolves. In other words, This law of nature is the only true law, the law that will govern man.

Believers in natural law would include Marxists, relativists, and existentialists in that natural law would be what this law means to them, relatively speaking, that these laws in whole or in part and vary in description according to what they would like to believe it is as they understand it and can evolve over time as society “progresses and becomes more perfect.”

There are those who deny natural law and believe only in the law of man, or “the law of the state.” Human truth is as it appears in history, “The state” resulting in only “civil government “as man’s last and best hope,” how sad.

Chinese, Hindu, Muslim and even Western ideologies couldn’t agree on the definition of natural law. Some say law is not whats is logical but what has been experienced, as it evolves is what is understood to be convenient “at that time,” or as valuable as one thinks it is, or the experience of the people “collectively” that make changes due to experience and developments in their reality.

If law and nature are determined by changes and developed experience wouldn’t all laws and constitutions would be meaningless? If the courts had to reflect on these changes, could they keep up with the pace that laws evolve? It would seem that in these circumstances the only logical conclusion would be constantly increasing, evolving laws resulting in chaos in that it would be hard for everyone to be aware of all the laws that had been or are being changed. This results in either anarchy or some form of totalitarianism.

Christians believe that Biblical laws are created by God that govern nature, not laws of nature but laws over nature, these laws entrusted to man for his protection and the protection of the earth and all its systems and inhabitants. This distinction is that the power over nature rests in the hands of God and God alone as nature itself has no power, “it is only the sum of the total universe”

For Christians it isn’t nature but God that is the standard of all things. Nature exists in a fallen world against God as things on nature are not necessarily for good like crimes- murders, thefts, perversions etc. The world is in rebellion against God so it isn’t nature that should be our focus but God.

An acknowledgment of God is an understanding that we are governed by His established laws in nature, physical reality, society, morality, religion; church even nutrition, digestion and sleep.

Darwin destroyed the understanding of Biblical law in that he stated “rather than specific detailed consistent boundaries, law is evolving, developing, reflected experience of the people ‘collectively” as expressed through the courts making judges themselves into gods, or as Plato stated “ philosopher-kings who are totalitarian rulers over man kind, can we not relate to this mindset today?

We are told who to believe, what to believe, how to believe and not to question authority because it is those who rule over us that know better than we do.

Has anyone ever given much thought to why those who oppose God are some of the most angry and vocal when God is mentioned? If they don’t believe in God, and they can’t see him, why are they so bothered?

It isn’t that they don’t believe at all, it is when they hear the mention of God, it is my belief, they become convicted by the Holy spirit and are reminded of His existence and that they, the “men” are not gods at all, but that there is the supreme Creator of the universe that is still in control no matter how hard they try to silence those who believe.

“When we deny God as our God then we make men gods over us.” and as history dictates always leads us back to bondage and eventually death.” Psalms 127:1

(paraphrased from"Law and Liberty" by RJ Rushdoony)

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