Saturday, December 19, 2009

"It won't happen in my town....."

" Our founding fathers were homosexuals?"
" It is illegal to link the history of this country with Christianity?"
" I dont care what religion you are evolution is a fact."
" parents notes are unnacceptable?"
"We will show Obama videos"
" We will teach kindergarten sex"
"We will teach tolerance for homosexuals in Kindergarten"

See a pattern?

How many of you are aware of the issues that plague our country these days? How many wonder how and when it happened? Last year I happend to find out through several personal experiences and the problems have not only been resolved but have gotten worse. Ever suspected your public school as the source?

Two years ago, I guess, was when I had my wake up call. I had met a man at a church conference that was a true educator. His knowledge was not only Biblical but historical as well and it has changed my life forever.

Last year, For some reason I began talking to my kids more about current events and what I had learned through reading books and articles relating to our countries downward spiral and began asking them everyday what they had learned at school that day when they got home.

Have you ever done that? If you haven't, make sure you are sitting down because what they tell you will blow your mind, unless you already know!

My 11th grade son told me that the history teacher told them that they watched a video from the "history channel" that said that our founders were HOMOSEXUALS. I was so angry, I immediately called my family members and told them and made an appointment with the history teacher.

A few days later I was picking up my nephew up to spend the night when I had asked him about school and he told me there science teacher said to him:


After these issues I had a long continuation of correspondence with the majority of the staff and learned more about there worldviews and what they felt was acceptable in class and what wasn't.

I first spoke with the history teacher, a nice lady. When I asked her about why she felt that she should show the video, she said she hadn't seen it but it was recommended by others as a good video. She said once she saw that she knew it was wrong but it was too late. She was kind enough to share with me that she happened to believe more like me so I suggested to her that I had a friend that happened to be one of the finest historians in the country and asked her what she thought about me getting him here to speak to the kids-She was excited! She said she would contact the principal and get back to me.

A few weeks had passed and I heard from the vice principal , he apologized that the principal couldnt reach me but said he would relay my message to him.

I got a call from the principlal weeks later and he had asked if I had his resume to see how legitimate he was. After not hearing from him for weeks, I called back and he told me that he couldn't have him at school because it was against the law. I asked him "How?" He said "because it is ILLEGAL TO LINK CHRISTIANITY WITH THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY." I laughed and asked him if he was serious.

He told me that his resume staed that he was interviewed by TBN, ( Trinity broadcating network, a christian network) so he would give a Christian slant to history. My response was well he was also interviewed by CNN as well so did that mean he had a "liberal slant?" We went on for awhile longer and in closing he told me that he appreciates my passion, being a Christian himself, he would like to help but it is against the law.

When he told me this I became righteously indignant and asked him about scriptures like Man cannot serve God and mammon, indicating that if he taught doctrines that were contrary to scripture that he would be held to a higher level of responsibility by God, He was angry and we terminted our conversation. Dissatisfied with my answer, I followed the chain of command.

Weeks later, I sat through the arrogance of the secondary education directors shpeel about his extensive philosophical education as well as science. He said he believes in that God created the Earth, that the Bible is true but that God created the "Big Bang" and that the theory was true. He told me he belives in macroevolution and gave me the fern compared to a cedar tree as an example, he spoke awhile longer and finished up with the fact that He was a Christian. I felt sick! Here is a man supposedly well educated and he doesnt even know how blended and inconsistent his worldview is and how contrary to scripture it really is.

Back and forth I went, more example of teachers indoctrinating my children in school then the issues of tolerance grades came up in Junior high. Now they can lower your grade when your child laufghs at another child who happens to be picking there nose in class, themn tell you at teacher conference that she doenst know w=how long it would take for himto bring his grade up!. The nose picker becomes offended and my child gets a lower grade! But my germophobic son, who was offended is punished? Are you getting this?

Or the teacher that sends letters home to the parents that says that parents notes written to excuse their child from class are unacceptable and only notes written by other teachers are acceptable!

I was livid. So, to make a long story( and still active, by the way) Your children are being taught whatever agenda the particular teacher decides to teach, in addition to the indoctrination by the state and federal government (like the Obama video and homo tolerance) This isnt as much about educating as it is about indoctrinating your child and elevating the teachers status over that of the parent.

As my battle rages on, I will continue to fight, to educate other patrnts about what is going on and at least let the parent decide if they find this school behavior acceptable or not.

They teach the importance of critical thinking so they tell them what they want to, our founders are homos, it is illegal to link Christiaity with the history of this country, evolution is a fact and what parents want for their children is second to what the teachers want, all without giving multiple perspectives, How critical is that?

Do you now your tax dollars support this indoctrination and you , the tax payer, the one who pays the teachers salary, has no say on what happens in that class? Hows that make you feel. a bit like I do perhaps?

What is your child learning at school, do you care or do really think,"It wont happen in my town"

What school do I speak of? Unfortunately many across the country but in my specific case, Middleton School district, of course!

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