Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Healtcare bill HR3962 line by line pages 27-

This is a continuation from my previous post form lines 1-26, here I will Attempt to continue to write what is in the bill in detail using the words of the bill itself and , of course, adding my comments and what it means to me so you can understand my pespective.

Here we go:

Page 27 line 2: "Government to make Insurance companies offer rebates to enrollees of the amount loss ration specified "by the government."

Page 27 line 7: "The provisions above ( see sec 2714) shall apply unless government determiness use of this section may destabilize existing individual market."( Wouldn't this catch your attention even if you didn't read what was in section 2714?)
(This reminds me of a pharaceutical commercail where they tell you how good something is but spend the majority telling you all of the side effects that are worsse than taking the medication. This, myy friends is a warning from your government, since they went through the trouble I may heed their warning- Cigarrettes have been known to cause cancer in the state of California...!?

Page 27 line 10: "The government shall establish "uniform" definition of medical loss ratio, state taxes and fees while be excluded from calculation." ( The government? Again, I see no Constitutional " wriiten by the people , for the people" but more like the back of the declaration of Independence that lists all of the kings violations against the people. Is the word "uniform" on a "sliding scale" with varying costs, and what does the word definition mean, it may mean something different today than tomorrow. ) Did you know that there was a provision by ourr founders that stated the bill should be written in plain language so as not to confuse the people?

Page 28 line 28 line 14: " Immediate implementation..." ( Fox said that it wouldnt be effective until 2013 and that all of the funds would needed now. When I saw this line, as an ordianry citizen it looked like it would be implemeneted immediately, if not whay does it say that? They are banking on us NOT reading this bill!)

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