Friday, December 4, 2009

A Letter to friends

In the past few years I have undergone some significant changes and they are not changes that many of my friends favor, as a matter of fact, I have lost many by the most significant change of all, my faith.

As I was writing this email to a friend, it became longer than I had hoped but felt it was necessary to share with others in a hope that it would more clearly define my mission and my intent, and as many will now know by reading it, could easily be misunderstood and often is.

I have left out his email out of respect for him. He is a good man,I believe and appears frustrated by the email I send stating that I am "scare mongering" and that I am someone who is losing much credibiltiy by the information I share. He does continue to call me names and try to discredit me but I think I can see now that perhaps he is rather scared as we all should be as humans in this unstable world, moreso for him since he appears not to have a relationship with the only one that could save us from this mess. I hope you consider reading this in its entirety and hope you may also find some part of it useful either in understaning me better or helping you help someone else.

Either way, you are my one of few cherished friends and appreciate you all.

Ah. I get it! :)
Sorry this is longer than I expected. I hope you will consider reading all of it as it is from the heart and many thanks if you do.

There are many that think like me, many like you as well as many in between.I have chosen to put all my eggs in one basket ( The Bible) and I am absolutely confident in this decision ( not like my investments!) because it is the only basket that has withstood the test of time one of among many other reasons. This is my choice but knowing this, I am called to engage others in what I know. I should, according to scripture focus more on the spiritual realm than the temperal and I struggle but continue to work on that.

You still dont understand me after all this time? I have no intention on hurting anyone or beating people over the head or scaring people, I am trying to reach out to others to share what others may not know-fervently of course but last I checked I am still exercising my god given rights. I understand through much reading of History what America is, was and what it shouldnt be and I stick closely to those foundations as believe you should because every other option only leads to bondage.

I never understood how people could deny the sacrifices made by so many, so people could enjoy the right to speak the way they want to, but it is important to understand they did not die so that we could sell our souls into the bondage of slavery under a corrupt government and to establish a new government that disregards and/or distorts the Constitution. We are a rule of law not by man, that is our government, anything else is arbitrary.

I happen to rely on other sources of media, because the it gives me a multititude of perspectives to consider, not indoctrinate me with one perspective like the mainstream media seems to. I do not etch any particular perspective in stone unless their are multiple sources that connect the dots-historically, biblically, politically economically etc.

The story from the EU, about Obama wanting one million troops to guard against civil war in the US was a scary perspective, I will admit, if you read it you would find it fairly detailed and worth consideration if you have listened to Obamas crap on his speeches and what congress is doing as well as the links provided in the article( especially Northcom, DHS,) as well as the other articles that I have received over the last year including one from USA today, if I remember correctly, about the pentagon asking for 500K for the same reason six or so months ago.

I have spent hours on Youtube listening to him and congress, again taken as a grain of salt but all are considered pieces of the puzzle on what to expect in our future. All I have tried to send are perspectives, unless otherwise stated, why do you consider what I send an absolute confirmation on my worldview, it isnt. You also suggest through your writing style that I must be stupid? Maybe its just me, just a feeling I get when I read your email.(maybe too sensitive because of my passion for these issues) should I use the same verbaige with you that I do not even include to friends like you feel confortable doing with me? I would hope I had a bit more respect.

I need to be objective? I really need to look up the word objective. From my basic understanding it would imply that I would need to consider multiple perspectives. I think if it is, Im good. It doesnt mean I have to blend them all together or always believe something different, I couldn't and wouldn't. I , as you know, consider myself consistent, (making forward progress) and am comforted by the existence of absolutes. I guess it is just part of the developement of my worldview and I am confident in it, knowing I am not perfect and that certain things will change as my knowledge increases, but also knowing some things will stay the same and perhaps become more concrete, like my faith in Christ, than they are now also because of my increase in knowledge. Some, believe by this belief that I elevate myself above others which is a complete and gross misunderstanding.

I appreciate the thoughts but I see that you still feel it important to you to elevate yourself above me by your slanderous and antagonistic remarks about how I believe, Its ok, I guess, it is who you are right?

Doomsdayer?.....Ok, so You and D , instead of me being pessimistic, unsuccesful and negative, want me to be productive and positive right? Would you or D be a good example to follow? In my view I have a difficult time thinking that D isnt a "Utopianist" where all is MAYA. You are different and more like me that he is in that you and I agree on some issues that he doesnt see either. You see some of the problems that face our country today- do you not feel with what you see, that it important to share with others what you see coming down the pike? I would have difficulty believeing you if you said that you didnt. I would imagine it being against human nature.

One exanmple: If you were a life guard and you saw what COULD be a shark, but couldnt tell and you knew that if you said anything and you were wrong, that you may spoil travelers vacation and lose your job but if you didnt say anything you could be responsible for one or many deaths because of your unwillingness to stand on principle?

I never intend to scare when I send email or discuss issues with people, only inform, I stand on principle and am confident on my stance ( I dont necessarily like it but feel it is necessary). If people accuse me of being a scare monger maybe they are scared because deep down they believe what they read is a definite possibility and would rather have their head in the sand. ( If I had no one but man to save me, I would hide too) I dont judge them for that, it is always more comforting to believe that everything is groovy ( Do you think I would not love to feel that way?) But is that reality?

Heres another example: If you were walking down the street and you noticed a young child running full speed for the middle of a busy intersection, would you feel scared for them? Are they scared for themselves? Children often do not have the ability to be scared of things they dont know about, knowing that do you:

1. Do nothing because it isnt your child?
2. Look for the childs parent?
3. Scream at the child?
4. Or run for that child not knowing if that child would stop before entering the intersection?

If you decided that 3 or 4 was your answer, would you scare that child? Would the thought of scaring that child hinder your ability to decide what to do?

Would you consider thge above example productive and positive or unproductive and unsuccessful?

I think this pretty well covers my position,

We are all children of God, my friend, sometimes we make poor decisions and He needs to pull us from the intersection...

2Chronicles 7:14

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