Saturday, December 19, 2009

Are you ready to make a difference?

Wow, every day I look outside and am amazed how much different everything seems, not physically, but politically, socially, economically, and morally, what a bummer!

I have recently received some email that compare and contrast things of today vs the things of yesteryear, nostalgic photographs of things that we seem to have forgotten like never locking your car door, locking your bicycle, house, knowing your neighbors, kids on paper routes, riding to the 5 and dime for candy with a quarter, watching my parents pull up to a gas station and having a guy come out , pump gas, wash windows and check under the hood ( at the time, didnt really know why) all for .50 in gas? There are many more examples, I am sure after one thinks, more comes to mind.

I was talking to my wife today about how fast we go, not only in our cars but our food, our lives and all that is in them, we need everything faster! I asked her if she thought this course was sustainable for people and told her I just couldnt imagining going any faster.

As from previous posts one would understand that I do not believe that America is in a very good leadership position any longer. I have tried to send mass email to everyone in my address book to alert them of things that I believe are inevitable and all of it appears to be in vain. I recive emails mocking me about my pessimistic news and that I really should be more positive and think of things that make me happy rather than the doom and gloom of what I see.

I have been thinking for almost two years now on how to get involved to try to make a difference and have never understood how until now.

I have been involved with a group for many months now, whom at first was skeptical because of what they were talking about, but as I read and became more educated, realized that they were on to something.

When I first began talking about them was around the time the "tea parties" and other patriotic, conservative groups began to form. This group was labeled much the same as others in that we were labeled "extreme" and promoters of civil war because we believed not in the idea of civil war as a sense of bringing unrest to society but to help educate others on the proper role of government and how far America had strayed from it's original intent without using violence at all.

Now, I believe this group to be one of, if not the only group that is truly onto something incredible in that we belive that we have a way to take back our Constitutional republic.

Since there doesnt appear to be anything that has stopped the downward spiral and corrupt government, we believe we are running short on time to be able to make this happen, which is why I am am making this post to try to help attract as many Amercans that know the sign of the times to get involved in what we are doing.

We are a God fearing, patriotic, Constitutional republic supporting group that means to oppress no one, to educate and inform people, to give them a way to become a part of a movement to take back our republic.

Please check out:

This group is for all Americans regardless of what state you reside in, please become a member,become involved, see what we are doing and how you can help make a difference for yourselves and your future generations.

There is more information available here:

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