Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Healthcare bill line by line

Page 29 / Section 122 / Lines 4 – 16
States here the controls the government will put on spending thus rationing your health care according to what they have predetermined.

COMMENT: In addition to what you read in this section, additional sections of the bill the will also control through committees and boards what types of treatments will be available to you dependent upon your life station.

Page 30 / Section 123 / Lines 12 – 18
The government will establish a “Health Benefits Advisory Committee” to determine what treatments and benefits will be available to you. You will not be free to choose, the government will choose for you.

COMMENT: This is a typical socialist/communist line of thinking. There is no choice, no competition, and the government will tell you what you get, all the time telling you how grateful you should be to them for saving your future from the perils of liberty and a free market.

Page 42 / Section 142
This section deals with the “duties and authority” of the Health Care Commissioner. The Commissioner will have the authority to determine which benefits will be available to you as well as determining who is eligible and who is not.

COMMENT: What do you think the government will do with this kind of power? Since this very bill’s purpose is to expand government and further government control in our lives how do you think the Commissioner is going to use his/her power? The Commissioner is going to push the limits of the authority provided if this becomes law. This is an absolute nightmare for you and me. The government will take full advantage of their control and they will only increase it. What do you think is going to happen to the private sector in the health industry? It will disappear completely. Should we be shocked then when we find ourselves left with only one option; the government option? It will be just as Obama has planned.

Page 85 / Section 203 / Line 7 and following
In this section the government is given the power to specify benefit levels for citizens so that your health care is under their control and they will determine what care is available to you.

COMMENT: Since Obama’s objective is to control every aspect of the health care system, it’s logical that we will see controlled benefits and rationed care. Obama wants people dependent on the government. He thinks he can best tell you what’s good for you.

Page 272 / Section 1145
This section address cancer hospitals, thus affecting cancer patients. Here it opens the door for more rationing and this directed at cancer patients and hospitals.

COMMENT: Believe, if Obama can ration it, his administration will. Obama is not on your side unless you benefit his machine. For those of you who are fighting cancer you better pay attention to what Obama and his “staff” think about people who are fighting potentially fatal illnesses. If you have not picked up on it yet, they don’t think too highly of you since you “cost too much.”

Page 427 / Section 1233 / lines 13 – 24
This is the part where the government informs us that it will have a say in how our lives will end and who will be involved in the process.

COMMENT: Is this any of the government’s business?

Page 429-430 / Section 1233 / Lines 1(429) – 15(530)
Here we are instructed that the government will mandate an end of life “advanced care consultation.” This consult may include on order handed down by the government concerning your end of life plans. Part of the process will be the government determining what level of treatment and medical care you will receive.

COMMENT: In order for the government to implement this process they have to create a value system. This value system will be applied to your life and will be used to determine what treatment you recieve (if you get any treatment at all), and what benefits you will have access to. This is a dangerous game, and has far reaching negative effects on a society. We need to see that this bill is the government communicating to us as citizens that our value to the “state” is nothing more than how we can benefit the state economically. We cannot allow this to go on. Under Obama we see that the value of a human is not based on a right given by God, but an economic value given by the governments of men.

Page 494 – 498 / Section 1308
In the same manner the government will control and ration health services so also the government will control and ration mental health care services as well. This part of the bill covers how the government will define mental illness, determine care and who gets what, and then rationing those services based on your pre-determined need.

COMMENT: We can expect with mental health services to see increasing control in the pharmaceutical market. If the government is going to control our health care on all fronts then it’s going to control pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are big business and Obama is going to want his slice of the pie.

Page 623 – 624 / Section 1442 / Lines 1(623) – 2(624)
The government will measure the quality of care “to assess outcomes and functional status of patients.” You will be profiled in the process “to assess health disparities including those associated with race, ethnicity, age, gender, place of residence or language.”

COMMENT: This whole section covers how you will be profiled and categorized by the government. You will receive healthcare according to the governments political agendas. Whomever they want to single out, they may. Certain groups will be given priority and benefits over others according to the governments discretion. We’ve already seen this with government intervention into lending practices, hiring practices, educational practices, etc. Look at the current financial problem we are in partly as a result of the lending practices of banks. The liberal democrats coerced banks and lenders to lend money to certain groups that were high risk, and then provided them with high risk loan structures that, when the bottom finally dropped out, eventually wiped out over 30 banks (and that number is rising). It’s this same type of government sanctioned discrimination that will be applied to healthcare.

Page 624 / Section 1442 / Lines 19 – 23
The government will be responsible for defining and determining what quality health care is.

COMMENT: Think about the manipulation and influence the government will impose on those who are defining what quality health care looks like. It’s tainted from start to finish by government bureaucracy defining the quality of care that you are going to receive. The consumer should be the one defining what quality care is, but the government will take that from us. With no competition and no free market the consumer has no say. The government’s monopoly is the only thing available.

Page 632 / Section 1440 / Lines 14 – 22
The Secretary may present quality measures to law makers and they will have the power to implement any of these measures that they deem necessary or suitable.

COMMENT: The power that we are handing over to the government to run our lives is unprecedented in American history. Think about what this section is presenting to us. We are giving the men/women we elect to office the power to control our lives by determining what healthcare benefits they think we need and should have available to us. Why would we allow the people we elect to serve and represent us, the power to take away our freedoms?

Page 788 – 798 / Section 1733
Drug prices will be controlled by the government.

COMMENT: Government control over the prescription drug industry will destroy competition and incentive for innovation and research. This type of control will influence which drugs are made available. It will also control which drugs are made available to people based on their “value”. Just as the government will regulate medical costs by rationing care, so it will also regulate costs by rationing prescription drugs.

The information above is copied from the site below. The information was not taken in a devisive nature but instead to help expose and extract the details from the bill I believe congress doesnt want us to read. If apologies are necessary, please contact me here.

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