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Healtcare bill HR3962 line by line pages 1-26

I really do not like this adminstration, where else in the world would they push a healthcare bill that is 1000x larger that the Supreme law of the land documents of their country?

I cant believe for the life of me that people still believe that our present government is out for our best interest...What will it take for people to realize how oppressive this is, how much it intervenes in our freedomsa that were inherently God given and were to be guaranteed by our Constitution, I say "What Constitution?" They should just come straight out and burn it than to try to manipulate it, and disrespect our founders original intent.

I am more disheartened that I have ever been. I found the most comprehensive website that exposes the healtcare bill line by line, congrats to them link here:

Since most people find it difficult to trust information I decided to do my own line by line

Research the healthcare bill is here:

and after the first 25 pages I was sick! I will make an attempt to read it in its entirety , again, hopefully it will be a wasted attempt and the poloiticians will finally listen to the people! The page numbers listed will include verbiage from the bill followed by my comments.

The bill begins with the description of what all of the words mean ( because of moral relativism, descriptions of these words ARE subject to change, just because it means something today doesnt mean it will mean the same thing tomorrow.)

The bill then outlines what they call HIGH RISK POOL with coverage scheduled to begin as early as January 2010. I had heard on Fox that coverage wouldnt begin until 2013 or 2014.

Page 4: "plan to build on what works and fix whats broken." To provide a sliding scale affordability with shared responsibility."
( Who defines what is broken and what is fixed? " The "secretary"- see definitions in the front of the bill- Is that the liberal interpretation or the conservative? We now cant even agree on what works and what doesnt?)

Page 19: "Provide proof of residency and proof of prior insurance coverage" (proof of residency? What about citizenship? Is this saying that if you live here, illegal or not and provide an address that you qualify?)

page 20: "secretary" will establish criteria. ( So the criteria regarding this overhaul is yet to be established? This should scare anyone! If it hasn't they have given that authority to the "secretary?" From here on down I substitute the word "secretary" for " the government" since that is truly and realistically what it is.) Who's your daddy?

page 20: "Costs shall be adjusted to geographic variation and cost."( Do you suppose the Constitution was designed to elevate some individuals over others? This seems like a "special interest legislation" and seems that you benefit more living in one part of the country than another? This is a constitutional violation. Will those where the benefits are more expensive pay for the benefits where they are less expensive? Hmmm.....

page 22: "private carriers must answer to the governments established standards"
Is anyone wondering about government overreach or the denial of our ability to make choices rather than have to answer to the government? Insurance carriers are part of the private sector, is the government not involved controlling the healthcare system AND the private sector in this bill?) Whos your daddy?

page 22: " sliding scale while establishing standards..." (does this mean that not only are words relative to a situation but that the care and standards will be set arbitrarily? "Special interests" elevating one over another?)

Page 22: "covered benefits will be established by the government"( HINT: Anytime you see the words " by the government" understand that they are making your decisions for you!!!) Whos your daddy?

page 23: "Deductibles not to go higher than determined by the government"( So, you and I do not get to decide what is right for us, they do. If this is not plain to see in the first 25 pages, I am not sure what to say other than your wishes would appear to contradict the American principles.)

Page 23: "No annual or lifetime limits"( So we can just keep on spending, if we spend it all we can just make more...)

Page 23 line 10: "MAX COST NOT TO EXCEED 5,000 PER INDIVIDUAL OR 10,000 PER FAMILY!" what do you pay now? I pay roughly 4500.00 for my family a year. If I do my math right, arent they telling me that my deductible will double? (I'm glad they put a max number there, I was wondering just what it was going to cost! Today, Reid and his band of merry men stated for the world to hear that this bill would not cost the taxpayers anymore than it does now! How do I reconcile that in my head when I read it here on page 23 line 10? Are those supposed idiots at FOX lying again? It wouldnt appear that way now would it?) ABC, NBC? Anyone?????

Page 23 line 14: "No pre-existing waiting periods" ( OK, I like this one!- I hated changing jobs going to work for an employer only to tell me we will pay you for your work but we cant cover you until you jump through these hoops even if your leg is broken! )

Page 24 line 24: "Eligibility is determined by the government..." ( If they own you they get to call the shots, dont they? If they get to determine your eligibility, do they not get to determine the care you get, how much?....Understand this people, although this bill does not contain exact verbiage that is so hotly contested, it doesnt mean that it doesnt exist.Also understand when Democrats say " Abortion is not in there " or " Nothing in there says healthcare will be rationed" They are right! It is in the deductions through reasoning and common sense that expose the reality of this bill!

Page 24 line 30: "States must pay back the government for the amount of funds used in each state..." ( Pay them back? Where do they suppose the money came from? IN thihs Constitutional nightmare anyone knows who has read it that unless specified by the Constitution the rights are left for the states respectfully! So, the tax payers of the 50 states that are supposed to give the governemttheir budget every year have now decided that what we spend in their "forced" healthcare bill must be payed back? 1+1 = 2..... tax payer pays taxes+ govt involvement forcing expensive healthcare = taxpayers pay 2wice! get it? This isnt only a copnstitutional nightmare, its a moral , economic, social and political nightmare all in one 1 Trillion dollar package! Sound like a deal at twice the price!

Page 24 line 21: "Government to protect against fraud and waste and impose other integrity methods..." ( So the government is going to protect us from fraud? What exactly does that look like? This must have been put in there as a joke, right?) This says we will protect you, save you money and expand government that will cost you money all in one sentence!!!) Im confused.

Page 25 line 16: "5 Billion will be available with no fiscal limitation." ( So we have a slush fund available with no restrictions as the governemtn is asking for additional stimulus?...Hmm refer to Page 24 line 21.

Page 25 line 22 " If government determines costs are too high they will REDUCE BENEFITS, INCREASE PREMIUMS AND ESTABLISH WAITING LISTS" ( I hear people tell me socialism works in Canada and France, none I know have been there BTW, They say that the care there is good.....IS what we want waiting lists and reduction of benefits? Congress says that this bill will not ration care..... Read the bill, read page 25 line 22, its in there!!! are those supposed Fox news idiots lying again, NOT HARDLY. Congress knows most of you will not read the bill, they are counting on it!!! Is this government out for your best interest?)Say it with me " RATIONING, its in there!

Page 26 line 6: " Coverage shall terminate at the date established by the government..." (If the secretary hasnt determined the care yet that means she may just establish the termination date arbitrarily because it lacks specifics. Should we believe they will do it in our best interest or the interest of the government?)

Page 26 line 18: " Government shall insure no lapse in coverage." ( So they will cover anyone without a waiting period with no limits but wont cover a lapse in insurance coverage? Im not sure about this one.)

Page 26 line 19: " Government can extend coverage if they determine it is necessary..." ( If who does? What determies necessary? Is this a motive for rationing care, to leave the door open for arbitrary determinations? Would this exclude race, creed, religious preference, nationality- Who knows it doesn't say.)

This is what I have found up to page 26, please check back for more...

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