Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Abortion on our economy

Should abortion really be considered a womens personal right to choose?

Is it really just as simple as an extention of a womens personal freedom effecting only that individual or are there other factors that have been overlooked or ignored?

Was abortion legalized to give wommen that "right to choose" or to aid in the intentional destruction of society?

Do people understand the implications of our evolving, relative views on morality and the profound impact that abortion has on the US and the World?

Abortion, legal or not, has devastating long term effects on society, one of the most important, economically speaking, is that LIFE is critical in the maintenence of and the proper and continual function of our free market economy, Is this why we are so adamant about changing it?

How long can we continue to pretend that we are not killing our future talent and work force. Who would build the future wealth of our country, and who would be the future tax payers that would pay for those in retirement?The moral breakdown of society and the decrease in workforce, due to abortion, has left many emotionally and psychologically scarred,confused and wounded.

A study of the growth of the American workforce showed from 1800-1930 there was a 450% increase per capita in the GDP. Workers during this period performed way beyond bare minimum and significantly added to the growing wealth of a nation.

America's loss of 50 million citizens since 1973 has deprived talents, contributions and abundant wealth. The loss of contributions and loss of tax payer revenue increases the workload of those who are left to workwork harder to fulfill and continue to meet the needs of the tremendous increase in government spending and those who abuse the system.

The population shift of the decrease in the younger and the increase in the elderly also put a strain on the economy in that it leaves the few to support the many whom have retired.

These moral choices that create these economic results are not unique to the US, 83 countries are now burdened with dismal birth rates caused by the same choices we make here at home.

Once the population growth drops below 2.3%, they are actually experiencing a significant decrease in population, Russia, for example, expects a yearly drop by as much as 750,000 a year!

The decline in population is responsible, in large part, to the bankrupcy of America's social security and medicare system and the results are seen now as an entire generation of baby boomers prepares for retirement, which result in trying to cut costs by rationing healthcare and eventual euthanization of our elderly as so eloquently stated by the former governor of Colorado as the "duty to die.". What would you expect from a state that supports the largest planned parenthood in the country? Ultimately, rationed of care equates to the denial of care.

The most productive age group of American's is from the ages of 40-59. With the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973, those who were victims would have just recently reached the begining of this productive age.

The result in the loss of productive citizens will lead to the continual drop in the GDP, institutional stagnation, double digit unemplyment rates, excessive government spending forcing
the government to compensate, hyperinflation, weakening the economy and devaluation of currency.

What will the future of our economy look like when those that were to be productive members of society aren't here to fulfill their role as the next productive generation.

Can our nation really continue to focus on repairing the economy ignoring the destruction of 1/3rd of the population?

When American's voted in our new president and made his priority to fix the economy, regardless of its unconstitutional nature, did we realize the implications of his support for abortion? Do we question how he plans to fix the economy when his prochoice stance destroys it rather than strengthening it?

America's society will continue its moral decline until we re-establsh our moral foundation.

If we continue to ignore these warning signs, the prosperity of this nation granted to us by Almighty God will be a distant memory and we will be left to reap what we sew.

"America is great because America is good, if America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great."

Is it really possible to regain economic prosperity without the establishment of our Christian moral foundation?

Abortion is not a Constitutional right as some suggest and does not fall under the "right to privacy" or "free will" because it affects the "general welfare" and not just the individual.

Abortion does not fall under the "general welfare" because it destroys it!

As our founders said our "Constitutionn was written for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate for any other."

Abortion has been denied as murder, the taking of innocent life or that there are emotionally,physical or psychological effects from it but has anyone considered the impact on the economy?

The physical consequences are inceased level of promiscuity and STD"S, is the fifth leading cause of maternal death, increases risk of breast, ovarian and liver cancers, tearing of the uterus, miscarriages, premature births and infections.

The psychological consequences diminish respect for human life, self esteem and can lead to alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, sex and eating disorders, divorce, domestic violence and child abuse.While abortion supporters FEEL that this is merely an individual right, others understand that this moral decision is much more than ones choice but a choice that comes with dangerous and detrimenal and long term consequences.

These consequences effect the economy in that for every instance a doctor is needed, there is a cost associated with it. If you dont have health insurance , the taxpayers are left to pay the expenses, if you do have insurance, it will attribute to the rise in healthcare costs and reduction in coverage. Is this clear?

My plea is to all who read is that the killing of our children must stop because it is killing our nation.!

Being pro-life doesnt necessarily mean that those who believe are religious fanatics, it may just be that they are more aware of the consequesences than those who accuse them of right violations!

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