Saturday, February 7, 2009

State sovereignty and our new administration

Many people of whom I come in contact with, believe in the new administration and believe it will be good for the country, I happen to STRONGLY dissagree. If his administration continues like it has for his first two weeks we will be destroyed.
I think There are others whom agree with me, If they didn't why do you suppose the are declaring sovereignty?

In case you didn't hear about it on the mainstream media (which you haven't because they want to keep us asleep), numerous states are currently declaring sovereignty, including:

Washington [link to]
New Hampshire [link to]
Arizona [link to]
Montana [link to]
Michigan [link to]
Missouri [link to]
Oklahoma [link to]
Hawaii [link to]

(Not all links above go directly to the specific legislation. Please forward links of state sovereignty legislation to me as you discover them.)

It is time (really……..NOW IS THE TIME) to “make noise” and raise awareness of the encroachments upon our liberties. Communicate your concerns to any and all police, fire, Homeland Security, and military (especially) personnel. Express your observations that there are DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF OUR CONSTITUTION who are attempting a coup. The banking crisis is designed to hurt about 99% of us while benefitting 1%--and keep the people struggling/distracted so that the takings of liberty and property are mostly overlooked.

Don't you find it ironic that some of these are democratic states?

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