Friday, February 20, 2009

Star spangled banner

I attended a swim meet this evening and as most events, it began with the Star spangled banner.

I honor this tradition as it brings tears to my eyes everytime I sing it. I still get tears during the song but lately the tears have been for a different reason. As we begin to put our right hand over our heart after removing our hats, I look around to see the blatent disrespect and dishonor of those who do not remove their hats, place their hand over their heart or do not even have the decency to silence themselves and/or their children.

It is becoming so clear to me that we no longer respect our country, our traditions, our history, or eachother. It makes me often wonder if we as a nation are this divided now, what makes anyone believe "The great unifyer" ,who says he reaches across party lines, in the name of bipartissanship one minute and lies the next, will bring us together. Together all right, we will be looking at a civil war in this country in the not too distant future, that is where we will stand together...ON OPPOSITE SIDES!!! TOGETHER AS IN WITHIN CLOSE PROXIMITY BUT NOT UNITED IN THOUGHT!!

We are losing our country. We are losing ground to the government everyday.Each day that passes we become closer and closer to full totalitarianism...Communism. It brings tears in my eyes that many cannot see it, We have become so selfish, and accustomed to immedicate gratification that we are willing to go into debt for generations, robbing our childrens inheritence, thinking that if we throw money at a problem it will go away.

I hear many on the radio that some people want Socialism.They believe those who are "free market" are greedy and inhumane. This kind of garbage is precisely the ignorance I speak of. When in history has Socialism worked and created wealth and prosperity? When has socialism maintained the liberty and freedom that we have enjoyed for centuries without big government oppression? These "Obamanites" believe that Free market capitalism has failed only because they listen to the media without doing any research on their own to discover that they have been lied to. Sadly, those who believe this are ignorant in the facts and lack any understanding of economics and history.

It is difficult living day by day knowing their are people who live in this great country wanting to change it to something less than it's design and bring down others, like myself with them. Those who spit on our sacrifices and our history and dispise the "American way" disrespecting our laws and manipulate our legal system should be treated for "treason" as they did in the early days.

How long until it will be illegal to sing our national anthem? Our Constitution has been dessumated and our judicial system and government are beyond corrupt and the hits keep on coming.

Oppostion is coming my friends, IT IS COMING. The civil war is coming unless the tyranny stops. All through history, civil war has broken out when any country has faced what is coming our way.

Are you ready? Our government is!

May God protect those who love and honor Him!!

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