Monday, February 2, 2009

The Rules of Football

Another Superbowl sunday passes and it's back to business as usual.

During the week previous you could here on the streets, on TV and on the radio, all the hoopla and all of the preparations to be made, Oh the excitment of it all!!

Have you ever noticed that games always attract large crowds? Have you ever noticed that most of the people appear to look as if they attend these games as a part of their regular life, matching chairs, sweatshirts, blankets and know everything about the rules of the game? They appear to know the game so well one may think .Do they know anything else? I often wondered Will this game change their life forever?

They know the rules, or so they think, so well that they become emotional to a point where they may become very angry if a particular call was made due to poor judgement, lack of knowledge on one person or another or it wasn't seen as clearly perhaps as it was where they happen to be sitting. After the game is over the temper subsides and they all go back to their daily lives, no harm done and in a short time, it is forgotten.

Can you imagine if the rules of footaball were changed? Not necessarily all at once but a little at a time? If the rules were changed all at once imagine the uproar of the football crowds. Would they be more able to accept the change if the rules were changed more slowly? My guess is if ANY rule were changed their would be such a backlash from the crowds that the association who makes the rules would reconsider.

What about the "change" occuring in our government?

Through may observations, I have thought much about why people have not become more interested in things that are more important such as our biblical and world history, our Constitution, laws and the original intent the continuity of God and our country.

It doesn't take much effort to realize how much people do not know and how important history is to our future generations.We are now living in a time where our freedoms are being destroyed one at a time and many do not seem to notice or care.

Are we more concerned with the rules of football than the rules of law in which we live?
Are we more tolerant of the rules of government being changed than the rules of the game?
Do we really believe that the bible has no place in government?
Have we become so ignorant that we would allow this to happen? To believe these lies?

I have been told that men migrate to these games "to live vicariously through the men on the field," as if the only battle raging is the one on the field. If this is true, then may I introduce you to the battle for your life and the lives of your children.

Everyday, 55oo babies are being killed, 50 million since 1950, through abortion, the supreme court, congress and the president, our leadership on all levels and the media are feeding you lies and destroying what you and I and generations before us have taken for granted. We now are being "forced" by our government to "be" and "do" things the way in which they would have us do them forgetting that " government should fear the people, not the people fear the government." Have we become so focused on ourselves that we can no longer see to our future?

Where are the large crowds, the men who live for a battle to fight? Where are the Christians?
In their confort controlled "stained glass fortresses" volunteering for bake sales where their are no souls who are reaching out to those who may be there to show them the way.

The battle is raging and in need of players, but no one wants to play this game or fight this battle. It takes guts, heart, integrity and knowledge and the will of GOD to win and few have some much less all of what it takes.

Games will never change or have any profound effect your life not like things related to history and the word of God.

It is our responsibility to teach our children, our future generations on the way that they should go, should we teach football without the biblical concepts that instill morals and virtue and the things needed for their success?

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