Friday, February 27, 2009

"Change" in our english language

Ever wonder where all the new meanings to old words come from? Some of these words according to many sources still mean the same thing but have become "politically incorrect" and therefore have had the meanings changed to minimize offending others to make these words sound more acceptable to society. What a difference 50 years makes.
Here are a few examples:

“Progressives” and “liberals” are Marxists.
“Conservativism” is counterfeit salt.
“Pro-choice” means pro-baby murder.
A “fetus” is an unborn child.
“Tolerance” means acceptance of sin.
“Gays” are sodomites.
“Affirmative Action” is white male discrimination.
An “undocumented worker” is an illegal alien.
The “mainstream media” are Marxists.
The “religious left” are humanistic socialists.
“Social justice” means advancement of homosexuality.
“Reproductive rights” is a buzz word for abortion.
“Sex education” is destruction of natural childhood modesty.
“Economic justice” is welfare.
“Government investment” means taxation.
“Sensitivity” means keep your mouth shut.
“Diversity” validates deviant ways to engage in sex.
A “Republican” is a socialist and a “Democrat” is a communist.
An “expert” is an academician with no practical experience.
“Public education” is atheistic, humanistic indoctrination.
“Separation of church and state” legalizes Christian discrimination.
Supreme Court “decisions” are opinions and are not laws.
“Christianity” is not a religion; it is a kingdom.
“Change” means Communism.

As I still have the right to my "freedom of speech," (for now) I feel that clarification was needed.

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