Saturday, February 7, 2009

The awakening: States sovereignty continued...

Our Constitution requires that the "Militia of the Several States" enforce our laws, and now is the time for them to save our country by arresting the traitors in government who refuse to obey the Constitution. Read documents in this article for details of the treason as recognized in several state legislatures.
Andrew Wallace

US States Declaring Sovereignty - Challenging Federal Excesses

· Posted by Harry Riley on February 4, 2009 at 10:00am

Patriots,It appears America's freedom loving masses are beginning the march back to Republic principles, stripping the greedy, self-serving politicians of the Federal government of their pork barrel.

While the incestuous political apparatus of the national system has been concentrating on filling their trough to overflowing with "stimulus" funds for their benefactors for decades, America has finally concluded the "out of control" federal government must be challenged, and stripped of constitutional excesses.

Several US States have now claimed sovereignty under the United States Constitution 10th Amendment...New Hampshire, Missouri, Washington, and Arizona are in various stages of declaring their sovereignty from usurpation levied by the federal government in violation of the US Constitution.

More to come on this but essentially several States have/are giving notice they will no longer accept federal levies, statutes, demands, etc. from the Federal Government that infringe on States Rights, as enumerated in the US Constitution.

Read the Arizona State resolution by clicking here ; the New Hampshire State resolution by clicking here ; about the Missouri State effort by clicking here ; the Washington State effort by clicking here and now Oklahoma by clicking here .

Another article located here:

Lawmakers in 20 states move to reclaim sovereignty

(Idaho is mentioned in this article.)

Patriots from all States have been sounding a serious alarm for at least a decade over the US Federal Government exceeding it's Constitutional authority that has been occurring for has finally reached a point where America has been driven to servitude by a greedy, ruthless oligarchy controlled by the few....citizens have been searching for the "national movement" that will rein-in the Federal Government...Thank God it is surfacing in our US State legislatures.

Now, that many courageous States Rights legislators are standing up for Republic principles, it's up to's up to the citizens that have been denied rightful representation to rise up in support of our State legislators who are "standing in the gap" for citizens who have had no voice for too long.....The next step is up to demand my State, your State to take the same action.......will you do it?

One legislator said:

"I do not perceive the sense of urgency among Idaho legislators over this issue that seems to have taken hold in these other states. I imagine that could change if there was a significant wave of public sentiment or expressed outrage over the behavior of the federal government.

If this is to happen in Idaho, there is a very short window of opportunity to build up this wave to its necessary peak. We will need to work quickly.

Contact your State Representative and demand a similar resolution to NH, MO, WA, AZ and OK be introduced in your it today.

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