Friday, February 6, 2009

Conversation with a stranger

I spent the last few days engaged in email correspondence with someone I met through a "cause "on facebook. This dialogue was so typical in it's content between the liberal and the conservative viewpoints ,but the man, eloquent in his speech and vocabulary, appearing intelligent in so many ways was relentlessly condescending, rude, arrogant and disrespectful and still intriguing.

While sharing my beliefs, he is not only quick to disagree, become disrespectful but insist that I am the one who is "intolerant." He then continues the email blasts almost as if I may have struck a chord , ridiculing my biblical and Christian worldview and my belief on the foundations of this country and our framers; the founding fathers.

He insists that the "intolerant" need to be removed from the "tolerant" and in that, the world will become a more "tolerant" place to live. I am amazed daily at the lack of perspective they have when they continue to bash my beliefs and those like me trying to enforce theirs on me. If he views intolerance, which he does, the fact that I refuse to accept his ideology, would he be considered any different? ( see previous post on the definition and origination of tolerance)

The fact that he cannot see that he spews "hatred and disgust" for my beliefs is yet another reason why those who claim victory in "tolerance" are living in a lie.

My conversations with this man were related to the fact that this country was founded "to further Christianity" from all the books I have read. As a matter of fact many founders said it themselves, many presidents through history and as well as the supreme court in 1789( date is an aprox ).

He did however surprise me about Thomas Payne and his writings of "Common sense" which I had to retreat a bit only because I had never read it. I only knew of his admiration for "Almighty God" through the quotes I have from Payne.

My explanation to him was that regardless of the fact that some may have been agnostic or diests or in transition one way or another, they all shared the same beliefs, in that, forming this great nation, they all shared reverence for "Almighty God" and acknowledged that it was only through his divine providence that this country would continue to reap the blessings of His kingdom.

Regardless of whether what I had written is true or not ( I assure you to the best of my knowledge it is)
I still have the right to my own worldview without being subjected to a tireless tirade of Psychobable.

It is important to know the history of where we came from and why we are here, to do our best to educate ourselves and our children on the facts. So when people tell you that Christianity had nothing to do with our history, and feed you endless words that few would understand,rest assured, you are being lied to, lied in our science books, history books, TV , radio and even in many churches.

No matter how much they fight to remove God from every facet of society it will never happen because God is in control and his judgment is upon us.

Although he and I, we dissagree significantly, I still have great respect for him for his passionate desire and his quest to educate himself while so many others could care less.

May God bless this man and may He help us all come to an understanding on the best way to live in peace with one another, His love, His grace and His mercy, the only way to true peace.

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