Friday, February 6, 2009

Pro-life memorial and the homosexual

This happened in february but it had such a profound effect on me I had to post.

I had help to organize a pro-life memorial ceremony one cold evening. This ceremony was related to the "pot bashing" ceremony in Jeremiah 19.

This event occured at an abortion doctor's office after hours where we had bagpipers play "Amazing grace' and prayed over the area in which we were standing in hopes that Gods divinity would in some way affect this doctors heart, to have him open his eyes to what he is doing and terminate his desire in killing of innocent babies for profit and convenience.

We began with the bagpipes and the sound echoed thru the streets, magnificently they sounded, when it began snowing, almost surreal. As we were enjoying the sounds a man seemed to come out from nowhere and began asking questions. He asked what we were doing and why. We preceeded to tell him and he quickly became offended, he clearly did not agree and intermittently raised his voice in opposition. He claimed he was "Pro-choice" and continued with his verbal disturbance.

As I began to listen to him speak, a feeling like nothing I had ever experienced came over me.

I had never known a homosexual before, exept in school and I didn't know it until after we had graduated so I never really knew how I would act. I had written in blogs and emails to people about how I had such a difficult time with that lifestyle and suffered through being denied by many friends for sharing my beliefs, feeling as if I am the only one who finds this way of life troubling and being called a 'hatemonger" and "intolerant",I could have been angry, after all , everyone tells me that I am , I didn't now how I would act if I had thought about it.

As the ceremony contined, we all began speaking about our perspectives and He asked if the group of us would be interested in joining him in his home.

We spent several hours debating and laughing about our differences and even though it would seem that we made no difference in his life we had hoped we had.

I guess what I am saying is that I realized more than ever that although I can "hate" choices people make such as their lifestyle it doesn't mean that I hate the person who has chosen to live that way.

It pains me to think in today's culture that we can be perceived to hate one another when in fact we do not. Sure there are cases where "hate"may exist but no amount of legislation will stop that, in effect it may make it worse. I was happily surprised that I felt nothing but a kind of brotherly love that I never thought possible.

I just felt the need to post about this and let you know that I believe we have befriended eachother and respect eachother as humans with different beliefs. He respects my freedom to preach and I respect his right to choose even though I disagree with his choices. I have spoken and shared my views of opposition as he has and we not afraid to do so but to me... the rest is in God's hand.

To my new friend, thank you for a new learning experience, learning about you and especially about me.

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