Monday, February 23, 2009

ACLU from a different perspective...

Many people I know, know little about the ACLU if anything and have always thought of them as supporters of traditional American values and the defense of our Bill of rights.This post is to give some information to reveal what many may not know.

Exclusion of other gods


ACLU defends the PLO

ACLU and Muamar Quadaffi

ACLU and the borders

The ACLU is considered by many to be considered the "American Communist lawyers united"and for what may appear good reason.

They are known for the removal of prayer, our national motto "In God we trust",
the termination of "God bless America", "Under God" and removal of the oath of offices, removal of the ten commandments, the re-writing of history to deny our Christian heritage, anti-Christian billboards, hatred for the boyscouts, Prohibition of all (christian ) religious displays, dissolution of (Christian) religious clubs and meetings, symbols with biblical references,employment, schools, holidays...CHRISTMAS!! Just to name a few.

With some believing in the "separation of church and state" even though it is a lie, we should still not allow anyone to violate an individuals freedom of religion, giving "favor" to one group over another. Individual liberty is being violated while the ACLU gives favor to "special interest groups" and "other religions."

This nation was founded on the principles of Christianity, if the majority wants to change it then stop hiding it and make it a crime already, but have enough respect for the people to be honest enough to admit where we were at a time in history and that God, indeed was an integral part of our culture.

The "denial" and the preaching of lies to the ignorant is not only dispicable, it is the lowest form of disrespect and lack of integrity I can imagine.

This is not a problem for those who deny our Christian heritage but is a big problem for those who are intelligent enough to know our history. After all according to some references we still have an aproximateely 70% Christian belief while the Atheists make up only aproximatley 1.7% of the population. "Favor to "special interests" anyone?

Many also say that I am being ridiculous when I say that Christians are being persecuted. Can one look at this post and research the court cases and still defend their statement?

What the public does not know is that the ACLU is profiting in these cases by millions of taxpayer dollars as "atorney fee awards" reported by the American legion.

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