Friday, November 7, 2008

Prop 8 Passes

The people have spoken and the ammendment passes. The California Supreme court overruled the will of the people the first time, will they overrule the will of the people again?

The people against prop 8 when they realized it may fail, decided to file lawsuits to try to get the courts to overrule the ammendment and challenge the Constitutionality of the ammendment due to a clause for equal protection.

The interesting thing is that in America, everyone says that the Constitution is the "law of the land." If this is so then why do they try to bend and manipulate it to make it fit to meet the fulfillment of their agenda? The Constitution was never meant to be bent or manipulated. It was meant for Americans to interpret it according to the time when it was written by our founding fathers.

The constitution was never designed to support immoral agendas like same sex marriage or abortion issues because our founding fathers realized that "The Constitution was written for a moral and religious people." It would be better for our constitution to be destroyed amid a people who are so selfish and self-fulfilling, immoral and uncaring as well as the complete disrespect of our individual liberties than to stretch, squeeze, manipulate a document that was meant for Religious and moral Americans.

How can the American people continue to blaspheme God, remove Him from all Facets of society, and in many cases still ask his blessing on a nation that he would prefer to spit out of his mouth for our unwillingness to seek His face?
How can the American people continue to blaspheme our country- burn our flags, spew anti-American sentiments and ignore the sacrifices that have been made so that we may enjoy our freedoms?

Our first ammedment was never designed to where it was a constitutional right to speak against our country and was considered to be an act of treason.Nor was it for the homosexuals to parade the streets performing open and gay sex in our public streets urging our children to attend.

Our laws of this land were written so simply and so easy to understand, but in order to understand them we must be " a religious and moral people."

It is not "rocket science" to see that our foundations of this great society are crumbling but many do not see it, why? Do we not see that school violence, pornography, violence in general,, overcrowding jails, drugs etc are increasing almost every day? Do people not care about the well being of our children? Are we all about the "now", the "Me" generation? Everyone makes excuses in hopes that we will not have to confront these issues and that they will go away, they will not.

There are a demographic who have spoken to elect Obama and the conservatives have conceeded to his win, Would it be appropriate for the conservatives to fight the constitutionality of his win like prop 8 liberals? After all the conservatives feel that there is much about Obama we do not really know. There is, however much we do know and that alone is scary enough to wonder how people could vote for a man who's desire is anything but to unite the United states of America, upholding the constitution with liberty and justice for all.

America has made strides toward socialism for many years but never have we had a more liberal arrogant, narcissistic president in our history.

This is election has confirmed that we are now "The Divided Socialist States of Amerika"
Enjoy it America, you voted for it, I wonder how long it will take before you realize how grave a mistake you really have made.

Wake Up America!!

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