Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day of the election

This morning my son tells me that they no longer say the pledge of allegiance, which really was no surprise since the states have been migrating away from what made this country great for many years.

While I went to pick him up from school today, I was listening to all of the chaos going on in various states in this country with the election, as we have been for almost two years, but I guess it finally settled in.

We no longer believe in the individual liberty and freedoms that our country was founded on, no longer do we respect or understand life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We would rather give up our freedom and limited government for big government and oppresion as long as they promise they will take care of us.

We are no longer a nation of laws.We no longer view the constitution as the "law of the land." Moral relativity has taken such a stronghold and distorted so much of what is real and true and right and wrong that there is simply no order. We have become uncivilized, barbaric, primitive and selfish. Advancement as a country now has been only to fulfill agendas typical of a dying society.

Aristotle said: " Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society"

I often try to think of a way in which I can get through to those who just don't seem to get it.

Issues like homosexuality, where to have a child both sexes are needed. In one argument they say that a male is not needed because they get the sperm donated from a sperm bank( and use a turkey baster)because we are "lower than dirt." These women were rather offended at my suggestion about both sexes. I wonder why?

It is a fact that both sexes are needed produce a child due to the unique plumbing that differenciates the man from the woman-we were made that way by God who gave us life. In addition how can one argue that it is natural to be with one from the same sex? If it were natural it would follow natural law. To my knowledge there is no species that mates with itself and produces offspring. If this, in fact is true, then it does violate natural law.

Homosexuality is not only unbiblical but unlawful. If we are a nation of laws then why do we not obey the laws regarding homosexuality? Why is it that the Supreme court over turns the rule of the people?

Those who oppose homosexuals are called "hate groups." Why? If Christians do not support homosexuals and are called "hate groups" then wouldn't it stand to reason that pro-homosexuals that oppose Christianity would be "hate groups" as well? Nope, somehow there is a difference.

The difference is that Christians do not hate homosexuals, granted there are extremist groups that give Christianity a bad name, they in fact would not be following the word and intentions of Christ. We dislike homosexual behavior because of how damaging it is to the individual and the family. We do not delight in gay-bashing, physical or mental abuse or anything that would be hurtful to them, however we are to preach the truth about what the bible says about all issues whether it be homosexuality, adultery or stealing .

Somehow, we are seen as hateful for using our freedom of speech and doing what Christ has called us to do, but they can hurt us both physically, mentally and pursue legal action against us and win?

Another example is abortion. There is an argument on which is correct, pro-choice or pro-abortion. I believe in the eyes of God they are the same. We may quarrel over symantics but one thing is clear- Abortion is the killing of a fetus, an unborn child.

We may argue on what stage a baby is to be called a human but maybe the argument should be whether the fetus is actually alive or not.

It is my belief that we will argue anything to our advantage to make it right, if we have enough money we may persuade the courts to make it right.Once the courts say it is now right, is it?

Not necessarily. As I have written above there are two sets of laws, one is the Law of moses or the bible, the other is our Constitution. If civil law contradicts Gods law then it is not a law.

I pray someone finds this blog, reads it, and can understand the importance of reaching out to others in truth and love.

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