Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LDS church crossfire

The LDS church has come under tremendous fire with their bold stand on Proposition 8 and I commend them.

I am not LDS but have many friends that are. They are active in their communities and believe in traditional family values and true conservatism and believe these are some of the reasons why some of our towns are still conservative. Although many of their beliefs are different than mine, they do not believe in the violation of our God given rights, the right to Life, liberty and the persuit of happiness .

To correct the views of one, Jonathan Kirk, who says a fearful man is not a moral man, I would disagree and question his ideology. It is evident that he is not a religious man because the bible is the author of morality and that to fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Since the beginning of history there has been violence stemming from differences in religion, one trying to become the more dominant than the other neither accomplishing the peace and harmony that everyone dreams of that has never happened and from the looks of things, never will.

Today we have a battle that is far different than religions, it is a complete clash of cultures. It is a battle of morals, values and the truth which are not relative.

It write today to commend the LDS church for standing against immorality,for conservatism, family values and the ideal of individual liberty and to the exercise their right to "freedom of speech" and the "freedom of religion."

Regardless of which side on takes on the issues, one thing should be made perfectly clear, If we are, in fact, still a "Constitutional republic" and we are still a nation of laws then it should be understood that the passing of Prop 8 was an ammendment that went through the proper judicial and political process. It was the voice of the people through that process that created an ammendment. The fact that the ammendment has passed it should no longer become an argument nor be overturned regardless of any amount of civil disobedience because it would then become unconstitutional , a violation of the people and should be considered "judicial tyranny." Furthermore, the very idea that one would question the constitutionality of marriage as anything more than a union between a man and a woman is preposterous and shows the true ignorance of the peole who claim it. Marriage is an institution by God and outlined in Genesis.If there are those who do not believe in God and His word, perhaps those people should not believe in His institutions as well.

The Constitution, Today, has been used to crucify the very people who have created it, Christians. Our founding fathers, 53 of 55 were different denominations of Christians and all had one thing in common, the Bible.They knew the fragility of "The republic" and the importance of religion, government, education and morality that was woven into the fabric of this nation and never meant to be separated.

It is my opinion that the church is responsible for our nations immoral slide. Since the beginning of this country, the church held every postion in government, as a matter of fact you could not take a position unless you professed your faith in God. It was the the late 1960's when the church backed away from the political realm and gave up key positions including the radio and television and there was a movement that was ready to take over. Today, as we lose our freedoms and are being persecuted for praying and preaching His words, the church continues to remain silent.We have an infectious disease among us that is strangling the life and breath from this country. The church this great nation was founded on refuses to speak out in fear of losing it's congergation and it's revenues.

The church today has modified the word of God, has marginalized it to become more tolerant of our new wave of cultural progression, to try to grow the church and increase revenues and thus serving two or more masters.The interesting part of their ability to marginalize is that the opposition still continues to persecute the church attendees no matter how liberal the church becomes.

Today, we now have true "hate groups" who actually claim it is unconstitutional to accept one man and one woman in marriage but find that they were well within their rights to physically abuse those that pray for them because they shouldn't have been there.To those who will do whatever it takes to get their way even if it creates civil disturbances, also unlawful and violates the will of the people, their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and trampling the rights of anyone who believes differenly than they do.It is my opinion that this would fit the true mold for a "hate group."

These same groups that feel it is their right to disrupt churches during service because of their freedom of expression even though it is a violation of our freedom to worshiop in addition to the laws that prohibit the disruption of a church service.

Some groups commit vile sexual acts in public streets, encouraging children to attend, while the law enforcement and the city governments support , promote and turn their heads even though there are laws against sodomy as well as indescent exposure, among others in every state in the union.

The California supreme court overturns the will of the people on the first bill that was introduced where the people voted against prop 8 even though that is a violation of the constitution and because of the continual disturbances may do it again?

Why is it that there is so much attention being given to a group who is either violent or makes violent threats or both, violates our constitution and our laws, violates our individual personal liberty and is only comprised of about 1% of the population?

I only wish the church would wake up, to follow the example of the LDS church, to stand with them in unity on the issues that we agree on.

I find it sad that the battle in this nation founded by Christians is now being fought by the mormons while the Christians prefer to be comfortably seated in their stained glass fortresses dressed in their battle gear waiting on the "rapture" bus casting their pearls before swine.

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