Friday, November 7, 2008

America Died Election Night

A good friend of mine wrote this and it was so good I had to re-interate it! Great Job Coach!
Top 10 reasons we won't see America voting herself back her liberty and prosperity

10 Within short order, 50,000,000 illegals will be citizens, virtually all of whom will vote for the communist Democrats, who will be busy giving
them what's left of America

9 Just to make sure they vote that way, these naturalized invaders will be required to take a "civics" course - based on the one in government schools now (which I've studied), and on the Ayers/Obama model - on that will brainwash them to be world federalist Marxists; as in the "Teach for America" program, anyone that deviates from this ideology will not pass

8 The "Fairness Doctrine" will mean the pro freedom message will not be allowed on the airwaves.Fair? I think not, unless fairness is a relative term as well.

7 "Grassroots Lobbying Reform" will mean congress must approve any mass e-mails advocating that people contact their representatives about pending legislation (with jail terms and huge fines for violators). This approval will require 45 days notice, meaning by the time any approved mailouts reach their readers it will be too late to have any effect on the given legislation.

6 "Hate Crimes" legislation - modeled on similar laws in Europe, Australia, and Canada - will slap jail time and/or closing of ministries on pastors who cite Biblical instructions that relate to current issues.Who really hates who? The unnaccountable hate accountability.

5 Obama will "reach across the aisle" to extend McCain-Feingold to the Internet, meaning that there, as everywhere else throughout the media, issues ads by advocacy groups cannot refer to candidates' voting record within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary; that same Internet will be effectively shut down in terms dissemination of truth when he hands authority over it over to the UN.

4 ACORN will have carte blanche to steal any election it wishes to steal (like the various states where, yesterday, its Supreme Court-blessed voter fraud most likely made the difference), any way it wishes to steal it. Even investigations into its previous outrages will be jettisoned. Let alone judicial appointments (which will happen over time), Obama's immediate sacking of all DA's will mean their replacement by a thoroughly corrupt, thoroughly Marxist, thoroughly anti-American assortment nationwide (worse, even, than Clinton's, if that's possible) that will instead target "enemies of the state" (namely, people like us).

3 Obama's mega-funded "Domestic Security Force" (in which all high school and college students will be forced to serve) will be controlled by the same sort of New Black Panther types who handed him Pennsylvania via intimidation yesterday, and by Nation of Islam types. Obama's policy of no private gun ownership will make resistance to this terrorist army virtually impossible - at or away from polling places.

2 Once they come to power, communists do anything they can - no matter how heinous (in fact, mostly and preferably heinous - to never relinquish it. Plus these reds have learned from their past mistakes in eastern block countries where they lost power. This bunch will act on these lessons to make certain such slip-ups don't occur here.

1 Priorities like unrestricted taxpayer-finance abortion and infanticide, along with the debasement of marriage and universal promotion of the gay agenda, will ramp up the ongoing savaging of the nation's character and moral fiber, further ravaging her will to rise up in righteousness.

No, some things - including anything that's important - are out of the reach of arrogant men to accomplish. The redemption of America, clearly, falls in that "important thing" category.

America died election night. Her initial convulsions happened at places like Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, Miami, Pinellas County, Florida, and El Paso. Yesterday she gave her dying heave. May she rest in peace, and may a new bastion of freedom someday rise from her ashes.

If this is the kind of "Change" you hope for America, you deserve it, you voted for it, Just how long will it take for us to realize how grave a mistake you really made. History does repeat itself, can you tell which part of history will be repeated?

Wake Up Amerika!!

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