Monday, November 3, 2008

Day before election

I sit in dismay after two years of political rhetoric being forcefed down our throats, the lies, promises and the unshakable belief that this country has become so blind, ignorant of history or so selfish that we can only fight for our own special interests without any regard for future generations. We have been so focused on the economy and "what is in it for us"that we fail to see our plans for the future. We have sold our souls to the government in hopes that it will take care of us. We are more concerned with our paychecks and the money we will get and have traded that in place of national morality.

Although neither two candidates are perfect and neither party is exempt from it's failures, there is one candidate that will seal our doom and "change" this country forever...Socialism? Communism? Marxism? These words have all been used to describe him, accurately,but no one believes it because no one has clearly defined that these terms mean,nor do they appear to care.In my opinion, his actions and inconsistencies reflect a "traitor." One that wouldn't know the first thing about being patriotic, one that has no experience to be our next commander in cheif and one that feels if the questions by the American people are to difficult he will just brush them aside.

I have spoken to many people over the past two years and I do not think there are true "undecided voters" There is such a stark difference between the two, you cannot possibly be.
The majority of voters I speak to have known for along time. To me it is simple,
Are you pro-life?
Do you believe in same sex marriage?
Will you uphold the constitution?
Honesty, integrity, faithfulness?

To some it's as easy as "which candidate will give me money?" To some it's about "foreign policy." Although these are all important issues, the media has successfully muted all the contraversial issues on one side while going after petty issues on the other.

Isn't it clear that "moral relativism" has destroyed our ability to tell the difference between right and wrong? The truth is not nor will it ever be "relative"

The problem, simply put, is our ignorance in history. The fact that we can say, as a country that "there is a separation of chuch and state" is proof. Anyone who actually believes this knows nothing of the history of this great nation and if they do is so caught up in their own agenda that they will spend all of their time disrespecting our constitution, founding fathers documents and re-writing history. The truth doesnt lie, people do.

This country was founded on biblical principles.
Our founding fathers had never intended on separating the church from the state in the terms that were incorectly interpreted by the supreme court.
The bible is the cornerstone of American liberty.

For the sake of our children please become educated before it is too late, I believe it may already be.

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