Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crisis in Amerika?

For many people the last many years have been a cause for concern. For some of us, including myself, it has only been around two years since it really has grabbed my attention. I knew there were things that were wrong but didnt really pay to much attention, after all America has endured many hardships and we proud Americans have always endured. Many friends and aquaintences have told me that things swing like a pendulum, things are cyclical, things go one way and then they return. Although I believe that is true to a point, I am not willing to accept this line of thinking in it's entirety.

The world has changed, even since the election, I feel as if the cycle will no longer continue as we have known it, things will begin to change faster than we could imagine. For those who believed in "change" and voted for it, you are about to witness something you had never dreamed you would see in your life time.

I was never excited about either candidate but knew I felt worse about our new president elect as I have mentioned before in that so much was wrong, so much so that I couldn't see anything that was right about him. I am not racist, I considered voting for Alan Keyes but knew he would not have had the votes to win because of his position on conservative issues that I felt very few wanted.

It occured to me today that we are focused so much on what Bush has or hasn't done and what Obama's plans are for our country, we may be missing the bigger picture. What if Obama, Bush and others have all been a smoke screen, mere puppets to keep the Americans busy fulfilling our own personal agendas while they may have been fulfilling theirs as part of a great plan?? What if this has been happening for many, many years? What if you spent years doing research with a level head and you realized that no matter how far down you dig there is no bottom?

domestic terrorism
federal reserve and jekyl island
trilateral commision
secret associations
concentration camps
north american union

I was never one for conspiracy theory and love the idea of "Ignorance is bliss" especially now.
I love the idea of our patriotism, our love for eachother, our resilience, strength and integrity as a country, the red, white and blue, the star-spangeled banner and "In God we trust" but what if you found out that things were not that rosey?
Some people have become scared, unsure, and feel something is really wrong in this country.
Some people do not notice any difference( which amazes me) due to the glazing over of the newly appointed "messiahship" of the ordained Obama and his unrealistic promises while hiding his dictatorship to those who are blinded.

Why are their warnings given by Joe Biden and Colin Powell and others about a major crisis that we will see January 20 or 21 that the American people dont know about yet? Has anyone thought to research this and find out what its all about? If you are "caught up" with " The great Obama", probably not.

When I first heard Ron Paul,"banish the IRS, HOmeland security, FBI etc", I thought he was a lunatic, a certified nutbag that needed to be admitted into an asylum. After nearly two years of research have realized he knows what he is talking about.

Please check out the following links and give Ron Paul some consideration on what may be coming very soon!!

Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show" Prepare!!"1/2

Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show" Prepare!!"2/2

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what would happen if this were just a Y2K hype to scare the people. I do not write to scare but to bring awareness to the readers of the urgency of the times. I am not a prophet( I dont think I am) I just feel the need to prepare the readers for what may be coming...soon.

I would rather be wrong and look like a fool than be right and live through what appears to be a pretty grim scenario surrounded by people looking for answers and help I, myself could not provide but only through God and His only son Jesus Christ!!

If you are reading this, don't think it is only by chance, this may be just what brought you here.

If you are not "saved" and have never accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, now may be a good time to reconsider. Would you buy a car or a home and not think you needed insurance?

If you decide that you think it would be wise to reconsider, I suggest you find a Christian church or a believer and ask them to help you or you can stop and say this prayer:

Lord, I am a sinner. I come before you right now and ask forgiveness for my sins.I acknowledge that you died on the cross to save us all from our sins and I thank you for that sacrifice. I repent of my sins and pray that you will wash me clean as snow and give me a fresh start as I accept you as the Lord of my life, my personal savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you will bless me and guide me in the way that I should go and that I may be a vessel for you to further your kingdom and reach out to others, In Jesus name, Amen.

Read your bible and pray, hook up with a local church and get plugged in. Welcome to the kingdom of Gods people!

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