Monday, November 17, 2008

Obamamania continues!!!

It appears that writers in many magazines and newspapers both locally and nationally still continue to write about the outcome of the election touting the victory over conservatism and the Bush administration for it's failed policies, overspending and the war, and understandibly so in many instances.

I was so disgusted with this election, I wasn't sure I could handle much more, I am glad it's over.The lies, the coverups the denial, the blatent disrespect for one another and the medias complete unwillingness to remain"media" unbiased was proof enough to me that something was seriously wrong.

For the past year or so I had spoken to as many people, traveling to various states and here locally, as I could about their positon on the issues on what candidate they would choose for president and why, I truly wanted to know what issues were important to the American people.

No matter which Obama voter I spoke with they felt that the most important issue was the economy and the domestic programs. When I asked them about how they felt the election was going they all felt that the election was fair and all the questions they had were answered and no one was left without a doubt on where he stood on the issues.

(Please click the following link to observe the knowlege that was obtained by Obamas supporters)

I still have many questions that have not been answered or feel that their are many that were answered inadequately. There are too many questions left unanswered that would allow me to trust in him.

From his associations , to the lack of qualifications, to the known fraud in multiple states by ACORN, to the multiple lawsuits regarding his citizenship, his tax plans, his unwillingness to uphold the Constitution, his patriotism and his dictatorship ability to attemt to silence people who speak out against the liberals and the president elect himself.

Socialism?Yes we have been moving toward socialism for many years but it hasn't been until now where Socialism has been officially branded on this country because of it's clear definition of "spreading the wealth, " which most accuratly describes "Socialism,"The first significant step to becoming a "welfare state." It cannot be denied unless we use our "new age thinking" and bring "relativism " into play. One thing that needs to be done now, for everything, is that the meanings of the words must be made clear before they are used, to make it clear to all parties what we are talking about, thus making the dictionary obselete? No one ever spelled out what Socialism is. I know, but I would say that not many people did, understanding this may well have changed the outcome of the election.

According to "The Law" by frederic Bastiet, 1850, there are two kinds of people:
1. People who work for what they have.
2. People who take from those who work for what they have.

Basically said, this means that in order to go universal in any government program, the people who work will now have to take care of those who do not, or choose not to, limiting the workers potential to enjoy individual prosperity.We speak of "fairness."What is fair?

If I work hard and my neighbor doesn't is he entitled to my belongings? Should he be? If so, how much should be his? If I have a boat, should he have one? Should it be bigger than mine, the same size?If I have two homes, should he have two homes? How big should they be? Wait...If I have two kids, should he have two kids? What if he cant? If I have a disease should he have it too? if "fair is fair" how far will that go?

Life has never been "fair." Even in biblical times, the bible says "the rich shall rule over the poor." We have adults and children dying before they reach retirement or maturity, we have babies that do not get the chance to see life, we have tragic accidents;some live and some do not. We have some people becoming rich while some remain poor. We are a nation of gluttony and yet there are nations who have been poor and will remain poor because that is the way it is, not because someone made a mistake.We have become such a "relative" society without God that there are no clear cut boundaries between is right and wrong; where everything including our speech is "relative."

The fact that people voted for Obama, seemingly, without really understanding his policies or much about him personally or even cared if he had to answer tough questions are because the could think of nothing else but "change."Did anyone think about what kind of "change" we voted for? Change, like it is a good thing, is it? I do not think many who voted for him really know.

His victory in this election is a clear message that we, as Americans, are all asleep, ignorant, blinded or just do not care about our future generations as our founding fathers did, with interests only in furthering our own personal selfish agendas.

History does repeat itself and it does so mainly because people have no interest in learning from their previous mistakes. It happened in Egypt, Rome and every other nation that has risen into an empire, only to have ultimately collapsed, every single time.

One founding father wrote: "A country that does not know where it has been dooes not know where it is going." Hosea 4:6 in the bible says: "We are destroyed for our our lack of knowledge"

Wake up America, before it is too late, It may already be.

vote for Bush sr and Bush jr and looking back, I am not to pleased with that fact especially now. I voted for him because I felt it was the lesser of two evils and did not care so much for his opponent.

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