Wednesday, February 24, 2010

response from Sen. Smyser and my response


Thanks for your input. I certainly agree that we need to get back to the proper role of government and only provide those things that are necessary. The government has gotten too large to controlling.

Melinda S. Smyser

Dear Senator Smyser,

If you agree that we need to get back to the proper role of government, and I am glad that you agree so how do you explain the constitutionality of your husband being one of the largest lobbyists in the state?

If he is pushing his agenda, do you abstain from voting on issues that he is lobbying for? Do you or do you not find that you being a senator and that of your husband being a lobbyist is a conflict of interest to your constituents?

Please explain.....

I also wonder about your appointment by CL Otter and the personal relationship that may have got you there rather than on your own merits and the desire of the people you represent. If it is that easy for someone to get elected, would it not be as easy to push an agenda even if it violates the constitution?

I mean no disrespect here, it is my duty as a voter to hold my representatives accountable when it would appear that they have become accountable to no one.

Thanks for your time responding to my concerns,

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