Wednesday, February 24, 2010

response from Rep. Phil Hart and a response back

What you say is true. But it is also true that most of the people in our state and nation are kind of lazy. They don't pay attention. And when they are lied to, they don't know it, because they don't do their homework. This rewards lying on the part of some of the worst politicians.

With regard to voting people out of office, are you going to work on the campaign of someone who is going to get into office and do a better job? Or are you going to run for office yourself? Or maybe you will finance the campaign of a few good candidates? I am curious.

Sincerely, Rep. Phil Hart

Rep. Hart,
I can't tell you how elated I am to receive a response from you, someone does read these. I believe I know who you are and expected a response more from you than some of the others, if I remember correctly.

What really impresses me is that you asked what I was going to do. I have been studying American history,constitution, law and apologetics which I probably dont have to tell you explains the multitude of worldviews, all the "isms"-Marxism, lenninism, Nazism,Humanism and different religions and the effects on their cultures for a little more than two years.It hasn't been long but that's when I received my wake up call, I wont deny my late blooming.

I have become intensly passionate about what I have learned but believe I have the ability to listen to others and consider other perspectives and believe I have gained a clear understanding why we are where we are today.

I believe it is this education that I have recieved that makes me feel like I am more qualified to be in a position of leadership with one exception...I dont do politics. Politics in a sense where I smear my oponent, am deceptive to my consituents, manipulate the constitution and bask in the filth of political correctness, lazily give answers for which I didnt have or disregard the voice of the people. I believe in giving straight answers to questions asked without all of the BS.

To summize,Laziness as you say is true and re-iterates what I said about personal responsibilty or lack of it. I will be running for precinct committeeman in district 11, precinct 51 as well as a possible run for house seat B, Carlos Bilbao. I realize he is favored here in Canyon county and it would be tough, if not impossible, but would give me a platform to voice my views and be an alternative in the case no one ran against him. If the political movement goes the way it appears, hopefully, it does,incumbants may get removed.

I consider myself a strict conservative constitutionalist that also includes my reliance on Almighty providence to guide me as our founders did. I am a 100% prolife, 100% against special interest legislation, like the homo agenda or mexicans, blondes, chinese maoists, Obamaoists and other small interest groups because the constitution as well as the word of God for which this country rests are against it.

I have no training or political knowledge. I dont know how to campaign, raise money or even prepare a speech. I have no eloquence of speech to give some lofty meaningless speech either. I love this country, our freedoms and acknowledge with great reverence our founders and the sacrifices that have been made to secure that freedom. When I woke up to find out how far away we are from our founders original intent, I could no longer sit idly by and let someone else continue to drag us in the opposite way we should be going.

I can no longer look into the eyes of my four children and the eyes of those around me knowing when they are older they may ask me "Why didn't you do anything to fight for us when you could....." "You left us a cess pool as a legacy"

This is why I send letters, this is why I am running and this is why I continue my studies.

I desire not for a career position but to be part of the solution, if the people of my district are ready, I will be as well, if not, it is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all. I will no longer have to say "I wish I did, or I should have..." knowing I did what I could when I could.

I appreciate you reading and contacting me and asking what my concerns are.


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