Tuesday, February 9, 2010

America, A Christian nation: the Debate

I have a friend that ran for governor in Missouri that introduced me to one I call friend as well, Judge E. Ray Moore. You know the contraversial story about his refusal to remove the ten commandments from the wall of his chambers? Yeah, that's him.

Well, I am happy to say that since then he has made his debate with a well known atheist available for viewing. I received an email from his office and he shared the links with me to provide to those that are interested.

As I post them a few thoughts came to mind, one being, will non-believers take the time to consider this debate, to really watch and ponder just what he is saying or will they discredit it like all other proofs in fear that they could be wrong about their worldview?

For example, I spoke to a friend about what Glenn Beck has been talking about on his show for the last few months and he was so caught up in who I said was was speaking, he said he would never watch because of who he was, it wouldn't matter what the subject matter. I told him not to listen to the how he says it if that what bothers him but the accuracy of the one speaking for it reveals the truth and the connections and the similarities thoughout history. He still refuses to listen and so he still remains ignorant to what is coming to this country, at least a bit.

You see he was one that leaned liberally progressive when we first began talking about politics, was much in denial about who Obama is and what he is doing but now, has changed his tune. He sees what is happening and says the more "left" he pushes, the more "right" he becomes.

Thank God for another set of eyes opening. The awakening seems to have been slow and still is but people, in fact, are waking up.

Anyway, the fact that some people are wiling to listen to other perspectives is what continues to form our worldview as we get older, constantly being molded. Their is nothing wrong with changing positions on issues, all of us have.

I submit these links to you for your viewing,

The "Is America a Christian nation debate"

1. OPENING STATEMENT (MOORE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5FXnbbAfyI

2. OPENING STATEMENT (MOORE / SILVERMAN) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRZYRXJOQJ8

3. OPENING STATEMENT (SILVERMAN) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KyceL2rMGc




7. Q & A



Some final thoughts:

Why is it that there are those who are so willing to deny history- just to make themselves feel good? Is living a lie better than knowing the truth? Isn't that selfish for those who seek to find the truth?

I understand, as Obama says, that we are no longer a Christian nation and how we act today would be a perfect indicator that he is right, especially with his denial of God's existence (sometimes-when convenient). What he is wrong about is our heritage, where we came from , what we were founded on.

If this country has chosen to deny God and our heritage, I guess we will have to come to terms with that but why do we have to pretend it never happened?

People have fallen for the nation that has turned its back on it's people, they lie to you, tax you cheat you and oppress you and you still follow like sheep?

We all have developed presupositions -some right, some not. It is difficult to "change" that way of thinking but isnt that what education is for, to fine tune what you know, gain wisdom to pass down to future generations or to ignore what is real and what is good?

The denial of the truth is clearly being made manifest, all that is necessary is "For those who have ears, let them hear" and all that have eyes let them see.

Continual denial of Gods hand in the foundation of this country will result in His ultimate judgement, the collapse of the most blessed, most powerful nation in history and their wont be anything any of us can do about it but seek his face and repent of our sins. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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