Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caldwell, Idaho goes Gay!

What am I talking about, the whole world is going gay! Caldwell is just one more victory for an agenda that undermines our constitution and our national morality while elevating one group of people over another.

Apparently, last night, The Caldwell city council unanimously approved another anti-discrimination policy to favor equality in the workplace for gays. Reading this statement at face value seems rather harmless right, equal rights should be a good thing but is this passage constitutional?

First, It is important to understand that our founders understood the importance of religion in government that there could be no morality apart from it which is why the "Separation of church and state" is such a lie that has been forced on the American people to accept and why our national morality is in the toilet.

Second, our constitution of the United States, states that all men are created equal, not that they should have equal or special rights above others. The statement in the Constitution's intent was to say that all men are given the same rights, collectively, that laws should not have been made to specify or elevate one group over another which is why we are experiencing this culture war.

Third, many state constitutions go so far as to state that sodomy is actually illegal but will not be enforced because of the Lawrence decision according to the ruling by the Supreme court.( The supreme courts job is to verify the ruling as it pertains to the Constitution, for those few that know, an all out disgrace by bias judges that have no understanding of the rule of law but only to elevate and give special interest to one group over another...as a christian do I get special rights?
Yeah, right!

How is it then that this city council can pass such a decision when it is unlawful? Ask yourself will this decision affect us all in a positive way or just that group? ( Remember Constitution is our rule of law)

Fourth, Is this really about gender identity? Are people really born that way? If they are how come they have failed to have been acknowledged as a gender for over 200 years? Did somehow we, as humans, now suddenly evolve in that we have a new species that needs to be acknowledged? NAh, I dont think ,so. The bible acknowledges it as an abomination, Our rule of law says it is illegal so their must have been prior knowledge of this "lifestyle" as a choice not that one is born this way.

I spoke with a lady friend of mine, she wants rights for blondes, I would like rights for people that surf...I cant surf in Idaho, I want equal rights! Where exactly does it end...mexicans, gays, negroes, chinese, buddhists, maoists, Obamaoists...Do you see the implications of such decisions?

This is not a gender identity issue, this is a sexual preference and nothing more. Homosexuals do not have scientific evidence that they are anymore born that way than that we came from apes!

This is not about whether I support gays or not, if I beleieve they are born that way or what I believe the bible says, this is about another in the long line of continual manipulation and distortion of our rule of law!

Decisions that give "Equal rights" to gays or anyone else is simply unconstitutional! Equal rights, in todays definitions does not mean "equal" they mean "special", think not?

Gays want to be in the military
Gays want same benefits
Gays want same rights as married couples ( should they suffer the penalties in taxes as well or wil they be excluded in the name of retrobution for oppresion?)

If this "lifestyle" has been denied as it is illegal and immoral, should we change it because it is no longer immoral or would that open the flood gates to arbitrary judgements playing more into the rule by man than the rule of law, in other words, decision by democracy rather than the rule of law under the constitutional republic?

The problems with this is that we are publically acknowledging they are somehow different as humans. They are no different as humans, the difference is in their sexual preference. Why would a group of people want to be acknowledged for their sexual preference, are heterosexuals? Are other sexual deviations and should they be?

If we are all created equal then it would stand to reason that all laws apply to all citizens!

Laws established by man that violate personal liberty, that replace personal responsibility with government decisions and mandates upon its citizens are also unconstitutional!

It is better to destroy our constitution and deny its rule of law than say we respect it while we desecrate it!

The letter from the ACLU is below:

Dear R.;

We are excited to share another victory for LGBT Equality in Idaho!

Last night the Caldwell City Council voted unanimously to include sexual orientation and gender identity in their non-discrimination policy. This comes on the heels of another unanimous vote to do the same in Pocatello last November.

This is a tremendous victory for the City of Caldwell and the State of Idaho as yet another city votes in favor of equality in the workplace! Although many were involved in this work, we would like to send a special thank you to the members of the Canyon Area Human Rights Task Force, the Caldwell City Council members and Mayor Garret Nancolas. It was with the hard work and courage of these individuals, and many more, that made this victory possible.
Please take a moment to send a thank you to the members of the Caldwell City Council and Mayor Garret Nancolas.

Mayor Garret Nancolas
Caldwell Mayor’s Office
411 Blaine St.
Caldwell, ID 83605

City Council Members
Jim Blacker, President
Rob Hopper
Dennis Callsen
Jim Dakan
Rob Oates
Bob Sobba

Thank you from the ACLU of Idaho! Your membership and support helps us advance equality in our state.

ACLU of Idaho Staff

To write your thoughts to those that were involved please contact:

President Jim Blacker: jamesblacker@msn.com
Bob Sobba: rcsobba@cableone.net
Dennis Callsen: denniscallsen@clearwire.net
Jim Dakan: jimdakan@clearwire.net
Rob Hopper: rob.hopper@hp.com
Rob Oates: roboates@yahoo.com

When I spoke to Mayor Nancolas today, he expressed his dissatisfaction in this ruling and that his vote would only count as a tie breaker but somehow the conversation we had today seems to contradict what he wrote in his announcement!

Politics as usual?

" All the worlds a stage, grab a bowl of popcorn and watch or get involved."

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